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11 May 2009 @ 01:50 am
i got a temper set for tender.  
i haven't updated in a long time and so much has happened that i am just going to hit the high points.

i started a new job that i love and make half as much as i used to. although i do miss the free beer from my last job.

dani died in march and i am slowly coming to terms with never seeing her again.

found out andrew is moving away on my 30th birthday.

i went to see mom and dad in florida last month.

lost my phone and then found again.

went out this weekend and ate sushi and danced in a cage. it was one of my best nights in a while.

discovered that i am allergic to something in my house and believe i have the room figured out. i want to try to shampoo my carpets to see if i can temporarily fix it until i can rip out my carpet. but i was sick this weekend and not able to get around to it.

realized that i should not update just because it has been a while since i last did it as i am boring even myself.

so that's all and stuff for now.

Current Music: the decemberists - record year for rainfall