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29 April 2008 @ 01:50 pm
i dont want to wait for waves, i dont want to wait at all.  
stolen from sindee

One word, and one word only. No hyphenated cheats. One. WORD. ONLY.


Not as easy as you might think. Remember: one word answers.

1.Where is your mobile phone? purse
2.Your significant other? nonexistent
3.Your hair? red
4.Your mother? intimidating
5.Your father? awesome
6.Your favorite thing? solitude
7.Your dream last night? blankness
8.Your favorite drink? water
9.Your dream/goal? pending
10.The room you're in? cold
11.Your ex? controlling
12.Your fear? failure
13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? elsewhere
14.Where were you last night? internets
15.What you're not? healthy
16.Muffins? thirsty
17.One of your wish list items? flooring
18.Where you grew up? garland
19.The last thing you did? blogs
20.What are you wearing? baggy
21.Your TV? small
22.Your pet(s)? love
23.Your computer? slow
24.Your life? progressing
25.Your mood? crampy
26.Missing someone? yes
27.Your car? shameful
28.Something you're not wearing? makeup
29.Favorite Store? target
30.Your summer? california
31.Like someone? myself
32.Your favorite color? orange
33.When is the last time you laughed? now
34.Last time you cried? friday

in my defense for #34, my doctor was at that time causing me massive amounts of pain whilst dislocating my trachea. good times.

I haven't updated for a while as my health has been touch and go but i have seen my old doctor who gave me AMAZING meds that i started on friday and i can already tell a difference and also a brand new doctor to get a second opinion on my newest health crisis who has put me on a new diet and i am doing better.

in other news, my roommate moved out, i got a bonus at work, went to san diego for work, hung out with friends and grandparents, and we went to see eddie izzard earlier this month and he was brilliant. also? dressed like a man. boo. i have found several new favourite bands, i am currently pondering moving to california (possibly via florida) and there is lots more but i currently cannot remember it. i will let y'all know when i do.

okay, i guess thats all for now.
love and blah blah blah.


ETA: edited cause i made an odd icon choice.
Current Mood: sorehurty
Current Music: guillemots - blue would still be blue