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04 March 2008 @ 03:33 pm
i am what i am and what i am needs no excuses  
well hello there f-list.

welcome to month 3 of my 'update every month at least' quest.

it is rather awkwardly named and a banner carrying that slogan would be quite unwieldy. however, the larger issue remains that i am victorious at my laziness of lj.

unfortunately, i have nothing really to say.

OH! i made this penne in vodka sauce with a new recipe i acquired and it was FAB! i have also been able to finish redoing my floors (at least the first step) and am doing more in the dressing myself and cleaning my house vein. it is all very very exciting.

of course i am baby sitting two dogs this week and as such have yet to sleep through the night so i am not doing to well right now, but i expect that to change shortly.

my party went very well according to some and i have been having more pains and dizzy spells recently. this could very well be not good. and i think i need a root canal.

also? i want to get a journalfen account but its all a member has to give you a code or somesuch. ah, the early days of lj. how i miss you. does anyone know of any way to get me the info i need? i will make you penne in vodka sauce for it.

i guess i need to go and do some work now.

*assorted kissy-faces*

Current Mood: soreheadachey
Current Music: la cage aux folles - la cage aux folles