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06 February 2008 @ 02:47 pm
a friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better  
i think that my sensitivity to tomatoes is developing into an allergy to tomatoes. or maybe my stomach disagrees with a large order of tater tots washed down with seven packets of ketchup.

believe it or not, i am trying to improve my diet. i have done it before. the whole cutting out high fructose corn syrup kick that i used to do is much harder this time around as i cant seem to kick the sodas like I have in the past. so i think i am going to upgrade. i am going to cut out all sugar from my diet other than fruit. plus i am going to back to yoga tomorrow night. i only need to get over going by myself.just keep repeating 'the other girls are not laughing at you. the other girls are not laughing at you.' ah, the lifetime trauma that a public school education inflicts.

i would go to the gym more but i have lost my ipod and i if i go without headphones people try to speak to me. so maybe i will have to bust out the cd player. totally kick it old school style. or something.

also, i am totally doing better with this whole updating thing. the trick seems to be doing it over my break at the office, cause if i attempt to wait until i’m home it won’t get done. much like changing my layout, uploading the rest of my icons (that i am paying to have space for), and cleaning my house. i am hoping that after a few weeks of work outs and no sugar i will be sleeping better so i have enough energy to do something when i get home from work. cause as it is now i don’t even have enough energy to cook dinner. last night i couldn't even make soup. so i had a glass of wine and a handful of crackers (goldfish)instead. yay! dinner of champions! i have a lot of movies i still need to see. anyone wanna come with?

later tators,
Current Mood: sickbarfy