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28 January 2008 @ 02:44 pm
i think i love you, so what am i so afraid of?  
okay, so this is going to be one of those rambly stream of consciousness posts as i am truly only updating because i set a goal of at least one post a month and i am trying to keep that going so i'm sure this will be one of those one sentence paragraphs i used to be so famous for before i discovered bullet points. ah! bullet points, how i love you.

okay so maybe i will combine the two and do random thoughts as bullet points. LETS TRY!

- i am extremely hungry
- i took the bandage off my nose and while it is still swollen it looks much better.
- i am tired of working everyday
- my car has exploded (metaphorically. ish.) and so i am driving a rental.
- this means i will soon be broke
- also, the rental is green. COMPLETELY hideous. and i love green.
- i think i am going to do a super casual oscar party this year. better for my finances and better in case there is no ceremony.
- the fact that people are going to be wearing jeans to my oscar party fills me with much woe.
- i need to contact a mechanic in the area who has ties with a towing company.
- i am still extremely hungry
- also? i am kind of bored in the office today which is shameful because i have a lot to do.
- i am very sad that Viggo didn't win a SAG.
- i think he is too talented. he should have a couple of bad performances so that they can better appreciate how brilliant he is.
- i think i am going to have someone come in and clean the carpets in the two rooms we have left with carpeting. and also the couch.
- i wasn't going to as we are soon going to rip it up but since the flooding (t refers to it as the great flood of oh-eight. it makes me giggle.) it has begun to stink with a fierceness. and that is not good.
- also? am still extremely hungry

okay boss is back. best work more and stuff.

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