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28 December 2007 @ 01:05 pm
wow. it truly seems as if i only update every six months or so. that's kinda shameful. and yet, i am sure not much will change as i still have 26 hours of things to do in every 24 hour period. i will, however, endeavor to re-prioritize and hopefully get 'update my lj' much higher up on the list.

i just got back from florida where it was lovely and 70 degrees every day and i was sick as hell every day. we went to the beach several times but being from the south where you don't go swimming unless it hits 90 degrees, we only waded in. except for that one day when my dad pushed me in. that was great fun. especially the part where he was so busy laughing at my spitting out kelp and seawater that he neglected to notice the large wave bearing down on him. and then it was my turn to laugh. ah karma. you are a thing of beauty. (when you are messing with others and not me).

i have decided that i am not going to quit my job just yet as i have a few more bills to take care of. plus, the never-ending remodeling of my house. i am actually going to have to do the bathrooms next rather than the kitchen or the floor. i was so convinced that i was done with the guest bath. alas, new sinks must be installed and that means new fixtures, and counter tops/cabinets as they don't make anything the size that i have anymore. have i mentioned that i have to rip out the shower surround so that i can kill all the mold that is growing behind it? then we will have to redo the walls and hopefully get it to the point where it can support tile. cause that is the only thing that won't have to be replaced every few years. plus i need to figure out if there is anyway to get an updated ventilation system into the bathroom so that it will quit dissolving the walls.

old houses are fun!

another reason i cannot yet quit my job...my annual oscar party. i have not yet started to freak out about it...but it is going to happen soon. i think with the strike and the resultant drama, i might need to go more low key than in years past. hopefully the bathroom will be usable before the ceremony.

i am sure i will post copious queen out rants soon about my oscar party and i just might keep a running tally of all the thing that need to be done to my house room by room. just to ensure i have a cardiac episode every time i look at it.

also, i do not like dallas anymore. i want to move away. far away. my parents want me to move to florida with them...but then i would live in the same state as my parents and 27,000 geriatrics. california has been suggested, but it is expensive and i am broke. i am hoping soon to be able to travel to boston/new england and check it out as well as both portland and seattle. but i am unsure when i will be able to get away.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

man, this has turned out quite long so i guess that's all.

love and stuff (i guess)
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