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30 August 2002 @ 08:48 am
sleep is gud!  
so i slept from 600 last night until 730 this morning. im still tired! how does that work? anyway i hope that i wake up soon, cause this desk is looking mighty comfy...

my friends jason and kristy are getting married tomorrow. im excited about the wedding, jason is similar to me in insanity so im thinking his wedding is gunna be tight.plus kristy said i could wear my green foil dress and im thrilled about that. never gotten to wear it before. it does mean however that tonight i need to go shopping for jewelry...wear does one go in dallas to get chunky green costume jewelry? its a mystery. hmmm.....

oh yea and if any of my lovely friends are reading this, i need pictures of you for my desk at work. so please send me pictures.
truly grasping at straws now as am at a loss for what to next say. ack! head hurts now. ill write more later.

oh one more thing, make sure you put your name when you comment (unless you are member and your name is up top) i like to know who im speaking to, and also who to yell at. thanks.
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: oh i wish i had some