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30 August 2006 @ 04:22 pm
just had to speak in front of the entire staff meeting and share 'personal things' about myself. totally was panic attacking the entire time. started crying last night for no reason. it was odd.

good news: went to see x last night. only got to see about twenty minutes of them, but thats twenty more minutes than i would have seen if i had stayed at home. excene cervenka looked nothing like i had imagined. still really cool and all. wore a lot of bracelets. totally over the whole singing-for-a-bunch-of-morons thing. which i can TOTALLY get behind.

also, if vanished doesnt get canceled right away (which isnt looking hopeful) than it is seeming like things are conspiring so that i dont have to watch tv at all. YAY! for no t.v.

more stuff later my dearest darlingests.


ps. look at me. three post in one week. you think mephistopheles gets the weather channel?
Current Mood: worriedpanicked
Current Music: x - white girl