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11 July 2006 @ 03:47 pm
beside, astride her, i die inside her  
its funny how i have recently had two separate thoughts i wanted to expound upon in my journal and couldn't do it because of who might be reading. so i had to go to my myspace account, my greatestjournal account, and my hidden lj account. and that made me realize that i am a ridiculous person. who needs all those? why do i feel the need to write thoughts i am afraid others might read in a public forum? why dont i buy a paper journal? srsly, its almost back to school time and spiral notebooks are like thirty cents a pop. i think that deep down i REALLY want people to read these things and ruin my life with them. there could be no other reason. except for maybe the fact that my sociopathic tendencies have come full circle and i am trying to destroy myself...this requires deeper thought.

Current Mood: soremigrainey
Current Music: placebo - meds