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18 October 2005 @ 03:52 pm
i would walk five hundred miles and i would walk five hundred more...  
i apologize for the morose update yesterday. i allow myself three days of self pity a month and you were lucky enough to share in that with me.

today i had jury duty. let me share the adventures. i get dressed for work and decide to take the dart rail to the court house. however, i went to the civil court. i was needed in the criminal court, next to lew sterritt. unfortunately, i was unknowing of this information at the time. so i exited the train at st. paul, i think. (the one after pearl) for those of you unfamiliar with downtown, or those of you who havent been to dallas, this is far. very VERY far. so i walked for around forty five minutes, praising myself for being smart enough to wear runners. i FINALLY get there. (after walking through several dodgy bits and crossing the freeway twice). the security guard is hitting on me. im completely oblivious. (that should give some idea of my state of mind). finally get into the courtroom and they are calling jurors. i have yet to sign in. i finally get everything taken care of, sit down, get my book out, and we are dismissed for lunch. thirty minutes later, we are back. fifteen after that, they send me home. so after walking around aimlessly for twenty minutes, i discover the bus stop i need. then, the bus driver puts me off on the wrong stop and its another thirty minutes before i can find the dart rail station. of course it doesnt help that i keep asking people where the luas station is (the luas is the rail in dublin). i finally get to the rail station and there is a crazy preacher man yelling across the tracks at us about how to achieve salvation. (i can tell you this crazy preacher man, if salvation requires accosting random strangers and then pummeling them with words until they capitulate or call the cops, ill take my chances with eternal damnation, kthx). get on the train, groovin to my cd player and this bear/biker gets on with a pack bigger than me. as he is getting off, he notices me eying the pack and starts up a conversation. he was a very nice man, whose name was beau. his beard was longer than me hair and he compared me to englebert humperdink. this was the best part of my day. when i FINALLY get back to my car i decide to drive to get a sandwich on my way to work. the sandwich shop is closed. like, for good. so i go to sonic. on the way back to office i spill sauce all down the front of me. i then have to go home and change.

a little background. a man was supposed to come today to give an estimate of retiling our floors. i remembered late so i just pulled the half unpacked boxes into my bedroom and study and closed the door. when i get to my house i discover all the doors are opened. apparently it has been decided to do all the floors the same. so all my creative box piling was for naught. do wish id put my thongs in the hamper and my feminine products in the cabinet though. get to work and have four hours to do eight hours worth of work. fun times.

all i have to say is public transportation in this country is weird. for reals, yo.

filing to finish
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(Anonymous) on October 18th, 2005 10:53 pm (UTC)
Well, I suppose if there's weirdos in any city, they'll be downtown. Sounds like good times.
queenie b: screaming divabluebirdgirl on October 19th, 2005 01:03 pm (UTC)
well, ALL the weirdos in the city couldnt be downtown unless you were there.

i kid cause i love!
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: blue velvetsoftest_fire on October 24th, 2005 10:19 pm (UTC)
this has been the most interesting thing i have read on LJ in a while! I so miss you, esp this time of year when it starts to being chilly, i loved that we had winter together... so where are you working now? i just got employed to photograph a pagan wedding for $900, woohoo! but most of it will get used to pay for a new moonroof on our honda... and the rest to spend when we go to NY...

you have to call me or email me to call you, i so miss talking to you! my dear normal bridesmaid!

love love