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17 October 2005 @ 01:12 pm
mess around with gender roles, line my eyes and call me pretty  
i find myself missing ireland with a physical ache. its getting worse and worse every day. i feel homesick for it. very odd. i got my photos back and thought they would help. it made things worse. i miss the smell, the sound, the food, my friends, all of it. i had friends there that loved me for me. not for who i was friends with, who my parents are, what congregation i went to, or cause we had been friends since childhood. i miss that.

doubly upset since im not sure now if ill even get to go back, what with family issues being what they are and all.

not sure why im so despondent today. prolly need to eat. wickeds entire run was sold out. so dont get to go this time but when it comes back...which it will cause the entire run sold out...im totally going.

anyway, gunna go buy some candy or something. gotta snap outta this funk.
Current Mood: morosemaudlin
Current Music: scissor sisters - mary