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15 August 2005 @ 09:54 pm
you gave me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away  
in less than 24 hours (fifteen hours to be exact), i will be departing from the land of eire. hopefully to return soon but no one knows how their life is going to go before it happens, do they? ive got lots of yummy music to share and lots of pictures to show around, and not much else. i think this has begun to sink in and im finding myself very very upset about leaving. i said goodbye to my italian roommate already. when i say good bye to the other girls im afraid i might cry. its funny it seems to be raining a lot this week cause my face is always wet. i am consoling my self with the fact that i was able to do what few people have been able to do. live their dream. albeit briefly. that, of course, makes it no easier. however my friend jason has made it easier. he has told me that when i am ready to come back, let him know and he'll get me a job so i can get the visa paperwork taken care of before i even come back. so i love jason. (in a friendship way, not a sexual way) which im just realizing none of you will get as none of my lovely flist was there when these immortal words were uttered. anyway must finish packing. wish me luck breaking the laws of physics.

ive got a ribbon of green on my guitar
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: damian rice - silent night