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08 July 2005 @ 03:03 pm
you stay true but no ones gunna pull you out  
so, apparently if you want anything done, ask a native. when i ask, three months. when my friend from dublin asks, three weeks. *sigh* the real problem is that i had set my mind on coming home so now im almost disappointed that im staying. however, its getting better and i know that if i dont try this ill wonder what if for the rest of my life. if only i didnt miss everyone so badly. i have been getting odd messages from friends. i guess this is the test of true friends. whether they support me and my dreams or not. we shall see. i have been dealing with a lot of things recently: stress, depression, memories of unhappiness in my childhood and trying to come to terms with a lot of my issues with a lot of things. cause if i have to come home, i dont want to come home the same as i was. i need to get something out of this. so im planning on calling around tonight and seeing if i can find a hall closer than one thats an hour away by train. of course, every time i try another crisis rears up, hopefully this time will buck the trend. not much else to report.

im going to go grocery shopping now.

love and kisses
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: sigur ros - untitled