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11 June 2005 @ 06:36 pm
confessions of a deluded mind  
okay so i thank all of you who have texted me. im still trying to find employment. ive spent all this week walking around to no avail. but today im okay with that because ive gotten rid of over half of my cv's (resumes to those of you in america) and ive given andrew very helpful career advice AND the cafe is playing a beatles song. im tired and hurting and im not going out tomorrow, but im going to get more pictures and hang around and be a tourist. hopefully not as obnoxiously as the american teenagers ive been seeing all day. DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS!!

i have a deadline of the end of next week to get a job before i have to seriously consider coming home. but i have the feeling that it will all be okay. because it has to be and i wont let it be otherwise. so all in all not a good day but at least it wasnt a bad one. yay me. helping from across the vast ocean. now if only i could help myself....but thats another grumble for another time. ive made memories that will be with me always. so i guess that in and of itself is good, right?? i still miss you all. give each other hell since im not there to do it. and then kiss each other from me and make it all okay. ill try and update again soon.

love and kisses

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: garbage - why do you love me
castortroysgirl on June 12th, 2005 04:50 am (UTC)

that is the best song in the history of awesomeness! ha ha

your mom has introduced me to The Persuaders and because of it she has unleashed this fan girly side of me. it's like i can't stop watching it and giggling over Roger Moore's delightfully fluffy hair that you can run your fingers through and laughing at Tony Curtis' comical antics. I die every time i see Roger Moore. But it is a happy die. Like melting die. Oh god. What has become of me? Though it is 11:46 pm here i just may go watch an episode she let me borrow. *devious grinning*

anyway, that was very random.

it was wonderful to hear from you today. thanks for the post card. it was sweet. yes i know. you're not sweet. whatever. *punt* :-P