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04 May 2005 @ 08:22 pm
lunacy is everything i need  
okay, tentative departure date is the 27th of may. (cause i still have to check with my irish connection) omg! i LOVE their shirts....no wait....thats wrong. leaving for california on the ninth. stopping in phoenix on the way back. should get in the sixteenth. then stay there a few days. come home, finish the packing, get my plane on the 27th. and the panic attacks, they are back. if anyone would like to help me with packing and trashing, id be happy to give you my firstborn child or dinner or something.

cut my hair off today. its very...short. i look quite butch. however, i am okay with that as im still cute. (how could i not be?)

am currently digging on kate bush. also, my secret shame cd. that will never be mentioned under pain off death.

also, family guy is back and to that i can simply say, YAY STEWEY!!

ooh ooh ooh i got back my old computer so new icons soon. LOVE!!

okay, back to packing and sorting and whining and the like.

kisses and things
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: kate bush - wuthering heights
decemberfishdecemberfish on May 5th, 2005 04:14 am (UTC)
I helped!