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11 April 2005 @ 01:14 pm
a dangerous daughter in a leopard print skirt...  
help me dani!! i heard this song over the weekend. i knew all the words and i remember hearing it when i was staying with you. it sounded like suede a WHOLE LOT but i thought i had heard all of the suede songs. is this a song i missed and should feel much shame? or is it some group that wants to be suede and i should feel much shame cause i couldnt tell the difference? the worst part is i REMEMBER that at one point i knew who this was.

getting old sucks. a LOT.

also, was insanely disgustingly sick this weekend. it was not fun. slept for fourteen hours on saturday night and am feeling somewhat better today. however i still have a migraine from hell and feel like i might vomit at any moment. so fun times. fun times.

in other news, my parents anniversary present is almost completed. after work today i am supposed to go out with laura and andrew, and get together with kalen once laura and i are done. and i really just want to go home and kill myself. or sleep. whichever. i have been having REALLY funny dreams. i think it means i need more zinc in my diet.

i would gladly clock out if they would let me take a nap just for a little while. im so tired. so tired that i think updating is a good idea.

man i need new icons. remind me to change them out when i get home. plzkthx.

wish i had music. music could save my life right now. so could sushi. i think im outta luck as far as both go. hmmm..should prolly work. or at least pretend to. lots of comments please so i can respond to them instead of doing my work.

thanks in advance.
love and kisses
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: cubical noises