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14 August 2004 @ 12:44 pm
so oh my god, wow isnt even a big enough word to describe this because something this spectacular doesnt just happen all the time. i even used a special icon in honour of this momentous occasion. okay ready? check this. JONNY IS IN PEOPLE MAGAZINE!!! its happening. hes finally getting some of the recognition he deserves. which makes me happy for him. but at the same time makes me sad because i liked it when only four other people knew who he was and i didnt stumble across pictures of him every where. its strangely reminiscent of my disgusting and unhealthy obsession mild crush on the lipless wonder. only this wont happen with him because despite what people have been saying im not shallow and fickle, well, i mean, i am, but not so much that i would not only stop liking him but start despising him. i couldnt do that to him. firstly cause he can actually act, and second cause he has lips. lips are very important.

so anyway i was told i was a musical snob and that once a group got popular i would stop liking them, and then this person went on to add youre like that with movies and people too. im not sure thats true. but what do you think?? hmm. i wonder if anyone still reads this or if im writing for myself. cause if this is for an audience of one than im going to start being a lot less nice and start saying what i feel. well, you know, about people ive already met and stuff. okay enough of this. even I think this is weirdly boring for such a mentally unbalanced person. so off to paint. ta.

- the future mrs. jonathan rhys-meyers
(ohmygod! could i BE any more ninth-grade)
Current Mood: ditzyditzy
Current Music: suede - you belong to me
Cyndisindee on August 14th, 2004 02:17 pm (UTC)
my phone's been turned off in exchange for dsl, and i have lost your phone number. if you still need pictures taken let me know. i'll be around. i met someone awesome, so i've been slightly mia for the month of august. email me or something you big fan-girl.