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16 July 2004 @ 01:04 am
you could be from venus, i could be from mars....  
so i was thinking of boy today and i got all nervous and butterfly-ie. (hmmm, pondering new word... how does one decide how a word theyve just coined is to be spelled? how do i know its -ie instead of, say, -ee or even -ey? madness musings for another day perhaps.) anyway, i got all fluttery and started wondering just what is going on. i mean i have no soul and a black and shriveled, mostly frozen heart. one wouldnt think id be able to feel period, let alone anything akin to what you humans refer to as emotion. im sure that nothing will come of this. only the ones i have no feelings for ever fancy me. oh well now that definitely sounded like self-pity. we'll have none of that thank you very much.

i really do have the worst mouth ever. you know that expression 'curse like a sailor'? well, im worse. creative and all, but still, i should work on that.

im getting the modest mouse cd. well technically two of them. my friend from work is burning me copies of two of them and ill have them tomorrow. im very excited about this. this will bring my grand total of cds that i got this week up to five. the two modest mouses (modest mice?), gladys knight and the pips (OMG! I LOVE HER!!!!!11!), and then when i went to the polyphonic spree cd release party on monday night, i got their new cd and air. who are awesome and great. i still need the muse cd, cure tickets and the placebo dvd. this will have to wait until my next paycheck. i had to go out today and buy a new cd case as my 200 holder one i had, has been officially outgrown. so now i have enough room for 408 cds. that should last me...a couple of weeks at least. ooooh and i need flaming lips as well. i only have them on my compy and i want to be able to listen to them in my car. is it just me or does anyone else hear a similarity between the lips and the polyphonic spree?

does anyone else think i am insane in my music obsession? what about if i told you that the only things that comes close to my obsession with music are my obsessions with movies, books, and really pretty boys. i think thats kind of sad. in a way that makes me cooler than most people. and usually smarter as well.

i think that i have decided on a name for my photography business. but im going to try it out on a few people before i share it with the general populace. oh oh oh and the REALLY BIG NEWS, we have finally agreed on a name for the band. if you wanna know it just tell me and ill put it in my next post.

im really enjoying danielles new quote game on her lj. the first one was frustrating because i knew id heard it and possibly own it (which i do) but i couldnt for the life of me figure out what it was. but i have high hopes for the future as does my reputation for being a genius on all random musical facts. i too am thinking of starting a new thing on my journal. (though not as interesting as danielles thing) its just a substitution of my name or one of my nicknames into a phrase or quote as my sign off, to make it cute. or annoying. or something. anyway, all good ideas were all ready taken and im too lazy to think of any other ones for now. so this will have to do until i can come up with a more creative way to utilize my lj. or i get distracted by something sparkley. whichever....

i weighed myself at work today and i weigh 122.5 lbs. now what is the point of being on an incredibly restrictive diet and not being able to eat anything i enjoy if it wont even make me thin?? so im going to eat less and less carby veggies and fruits. so basically salmon and spinach. with maybe the occasional helping of broccoli. this diet sucks. and i want vodka. meh.

i had a list of things to do today. i actually typed it up into outline form and printed it out on the computer i was so bored organized. and after i printed it i remembered five more things. and i still only got half of them done. so i still have half left. so i simply cant stay here and continue typing down my random thoughts and the like. so, until next time...


-b still my heart.
Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Current Music: air - cherry blossom girl
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: the secret part of your minds landscapesoftest_fire on July 16th, 2004 07:59 am (UTC)
you turd i sacrificed watching graham norton (not that it wont be re-runed nine timed til next episode, but still!) and spent 2 hours talking to you, but that was fun, esp how we have the sick fascination of picking out cute guys on law and order svu, but wouldnt ever go out with one cos they played a rapist, and yeah im married, that too... you probably do know the songs, well i know you will know the next one i post and i wont post an easy one so there, and if you are so cool with your music and you do know it you can be in my club.. ooo you have a name for your band... i just figured out two possible names for my band... wanna know huh huh huh? ill email you them and tell you the story behind the meaning, cos its all about meaning, or something..

so is that guy your obsessed with (hello take a number) jamie cullum or ben kweller or neither.. i didnt sleep at all last night i listened to the smooth electronica station all nite til 2:00 watched elimidate then made bracelets and necklaces til 6:30 to see how much jail time martha stewart was getting... not enough... aight catch you later babe.

lemme know when its a good time to visit.

apple martini :]
queenie bbluebirdgirl on July 16th, 2004 03:43 pm (UTC)
heh. apple martini. im still laughing about that.

of course i want to know your band names. send me an email and ill tell you mine.

no no ben jelen. hes my latest imaginary boyfriend. he really pretty. ill see if i can find a pic to send you.

love you doll.

That Person, Over Therehanauma on July 16th, 2004 08:32 am (UTC)
Did you get boys number? Or can you find out where he goes and stuff?! You should visit his cong or something !! =))