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28 June 2004 @ 10:56 pm
walk away to save your face, you never were an actor  

so my sister finally taught me some html so im just posting here to try it out. go me. okay i have the following things to say.

1. i am trying to get some business cards printed up so i can get some photography business going. but i dont have a name. the best i can come up with is BL Photography and while its good and fine i wanted something a little more creative. so any help would be appreciated.

2. also if anyone has any prompts ot plot bunnies that they wouldnt mind me stealing using to help me start writing again it would be appreciated. it doesnt have to be complicated, just a character description or a plot point/twist that i could write a few paragraphs-a few pages on or something. plzkthx.

3. everyone should go visit the community m15m (sorry still cant do that link thing) anyway, its this girl cleolinda jones and she does these movies in 15 minutes, and they are hilarious. i recommend the troy and the van helsing. the harry potter one is funny, but as i havent seen the movie. i dont know how it compares. i am telling you this because i think all of you have a sense of humour and understand the difference between parody and mocking. if you are easily offended and/or not able to laugh at your fandom or a movie you enjoyed, then dont go and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you should happen to get upset and you feel the need to flame, flame to me. i dont want to be responsible for any yelling. not that any of you would do that which is why im telling you.

and with that in mind... so i only did the first part the rest will be forth coming but i just wanted to test out this lj cut thing tonight.
*5 places you would like to go that you have never been: france, italy, switzerland, japan, hawaii
*5 things that make you happy: my friends, my family, taking photos, my dog, accomplishing a goal
*5 people that you admire or look up to: danielle, my parents, my siblings, linda mccartney, viggo mortenson
*5 flavours that you love: vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, mint, caramel
*5 of your favourite books: tale of two cities, of mice and men, othello, pride and prejudice, wrinkle in time
*5 things you wish you had more of: patience, time, money, understanding, health
*5 of your favourite sounds: someone i love laughing, trees in the wind, the ocean, music, my sister playig the piano
*5 things you would like to avoid: marrying someone in a fit of mental instability, not enjoying my youth, never being able to see the things i want to, dying unfulfilled, never letting the ones i love know how much they mean to me.
*5 people you would like to meet or people you wish you knew: (im assuming these are living people) viggo mortenson, jonathan rhys-meyers, any member of placebo, kate winslet, kiera knightley, liv tyler (sorry i know its six)
*5 of your favourite movies: lord of the rings, velvet goldmine, amelie, american in paris, his girl friday/bringing up baby (tie)
*5 things that scare you: spiders, heights, cockroaches, knives, trusting others
*5 things that you have been putting off til later: washing my hair, doing the dishes, deciding what im going to wear tomorrow, making my lunch for tomorrow, reading my books
*5 yourself in (yes 5) words: unique, loud, moody, dependable, loyal
*5 things you collect: cows, books, vinyls, shoes, shrunken tees, faeries, boys, photos of my friends
*5 things that inspire you: other peoples photos (esp. danis linda mccartneys and viggos), an incredible song, a beautiful moment, a perfectly structured sentence, hope for the future
*5 things you should probably get rid of: my old love letters, notes from former friends, clothes i had in high school that no longer fit me, old papers that i have no idea why i kept, emotional baggage
*5 things you really miss: danielle, being healthy, being happy, doing crazy things with my friends, my grandparents
*5 of your on-going goals: getting financially stable, moving to london, start up photography business, travel, become rich and famous rock star
*5 of your favourite songs when you are happy: bulletproof cupid - placebo, you - gene, float on - modest mouse, sheena-la-gig - pj harvey, flesh mechanic - placebo
*5 of your favourite songs when you are sad or depressed: every you and every me - placebo, somewhere in the world - gene, superstar - sonic youth, lonely girls - suede, hallelujah - jeff buckley
*5 of your favourite songs to dance to: jay-z, beyonce, christina, justin, prodigy
*5 of your favourite songs to play when you are driving: modest mouse, muse, placebo, pixies, beatles
*5 of your favourite songs to play on an instrument: stormy weather, dream a little dream of me, more than words, crave, cup of coffee
*5 things you accomplished last year: didnt kill myself, got to see dani, got a job, got a better job, didnt beat anyone up

okay well i have officially weirded myself out so im gunna go to bed.

love and kisses,
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: sleeping with ghosts - placebo
Campbell Coneycampbellconey on June 29th, 2004 09:23 am (UTC)
<*lj-cut> and then <*/lj-cut>

But take out the stars.
Campbell Coneycampbellconey on June 29th, 2004 09:23 am (UTC)
Also, you could just use rich text format, and the lj system will format stuff for you automatically and you don't have to bother with html tags.