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04 June 2004 @ 06:04 pm
we kiss our love with lips like pain..  
so my mom and sister are in europe, as i mentioned in my previous post, and my dad figured now would be the perfect time to work on fixing up my moms old computer to give to me. while he is working he realizes he needs an adapter cable (or a program card or something, its not really relevant to the point of the story) k getting back to the main idea here, he goes to frys cause they are having a sale and returns with, among other things, a brand new compy for me. hard drive, keyboard and mouse and they are all black and shiny. YAY! and a new monitor that he already had. PLUS, a new tv. a BIG tv. a twenty five inch flat screen tv. well, flat-ish. anyway, its just so great and awesome and just yay! and my new shiny compy has linux. so YAY! for sticking it to bill gates. so thats good news news.

in other news i have these three bites on my leg that i thought were mosquito bites until the redness spread to an area about three inches in diameter and swell up to the point that it was jutting out about three quarters of an inch and was incredibly painful. the swelling is somewhat better today but the redness is even worse and its tingly and my leg muscles feel all tight. so i hope im not going to die. im going to take some benadryl tonight and see if that helps.

also, my birthday is this monday and im feeling a little apprehensive about the fact that im going to be so old. im sure it will pass, but everytime i think about it i start to have a panic attack. oi.

and i have finally started sleeping at night. its kinda weird but i get really tired around ten every night and around six thirty in the morning i wake up. ive never in my life woken up that early with out an alarm but ive done it the past three days. and then im not even all that tired. its a mystery. oh and i miss danielle. a lot. need to remedy that and soon.

im feeling kind of sick now and since i cant have sprite or peppermint, (since im off all refined sugars and cant drink anything other than distilled water and herbal tea) im going to go lie down before going to the store. temp agencies on monday. wish me luck.

love and kisses.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: gene - is it over?