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04 May 2004 @ 06:43 am
you think this love is bona fide, youre being taken for a ride  
i have an announcement.....

i am the proud owner of a dvd player!!!

....and there was much rejoicing....(YAY!!)

so i know i dont have much money and that is definitely not a necessary purchase, however they were having an incredible sale at the shop and i couldnt help myself as too many of the foreign/indie films that i love so much are available now only on dvd. this shall not be. or well...me not being able to see them shall not be cause i dont really have a whole lotta pull with the other situation.

so i now have many many things to save up for. they are as follows:

1) a photography book that i must have
2) family guy dvds.
3) a biography that i find in theory most intriguing. (i might be able to find this at the library so i might be able to negate this cost)
4) new clothes for the convention.
5) new cds that i need. (i have a list. there are at least fifteen. yikes)
6) tickets to the wildflower festival
7) tickets to akon and pocky money
8) paint for my house
9) cute little homey things for my house
10) getting my oil changed. (actually must be the next thing i spend money on, but is number ten as i just thought of it.)
11) lord of the rings trivial pursuit.
12) id like to get another tree for my backyard so my puppy has a little more shade. mayhaps a fruit tree would be nice. must ponder.
13) a cd burner
14) some more books ive had my eye on.
15) photographic development equipment.
16) trip to see my grandparents again out in lake arrowhead.
17) trip to england for ATLEAST two weeks.
and last but not least
18) books for school (and tuition if i dont qualify for financial aid)

an quite screwed as this is more money than i will earn in many years. so i am now going to start accepting donations. plus im going to look for a second job. how ill be able to make it to two jobs and the meetings i dont know but i have a will ergo there must be a way.

ooh plus ive had a relapse with my chronic fatigue. fun times.
well must dash.
love love love and kisses
- the anti-paris hilton
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Current Music: you belong to me - suede