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12 September 2002 @ 09:36 am
ACK!! ACK!! ACK!!!  
i have to have my desk and area cleaned before i leave the office on friday and i have no way to finish. there is just too much to do. i have three PILES of lit files on my floor and three slightly smaller piles of lit files, papers and demand files on my desk. this doesnt include the stack of messages to return the fact that the phone rings 87 times a day and i have to answer it and take messages, and i have to talk to anyone who comes into the office.

my dog is really sick mamunia is taking her to the vet today and im horribly worried about her. shes my baby and if anything happens to her, god id totally be unable to function.

andrew, taryn and i went to see austin powers 3 last night. it was pretty good i liked it. and im glad taryn is back. i had forgotten how much fun she is and andrew and her together is insane. it was funny. and fun. go see the movie. its good.

CRAP!! i just found the to do list Tim left me before he left and i have to finish up the lit affidavits PLUS start three new lit files PLUS type up ALL the litigation on six cases (in and of itself a full week job).
so why am i still talking to you yahoos?
good point.
love love
Current Mood: stressedstressed