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03 March 2004 @ 01:41 am
i got a swansons dinner, in the freezer, with your name on it....  
i promise tomorrow i will talk about the snooze fest that was the oscars. and who looked bad and the few people i liked. but until then....
i havent been able to eat all day, i have a migraine, and my dog is driving me insane. so i did this a while ago and since my head hurts too bad to think of anything new, i thought id whip out this old coconut.

1)What day of the week is it? tuesday.
2)What time did you start this survey? 3:55 pm
3)What is your full name / and all names you have gone by in the
past? rebecca lorraine latham
4)Do you have any nicknames? becca, beck, b, jackie mac, jj, bb,
5)What are you parent's first names? lawrence and barbara
6)What is your birthday? june 7, 1979
7)Where were you born? medical city hospital, dallas, texas
8)Do you know the time you were born? um in the afternoon i believe
9)Do you have siblings? What are there ages? yes two older half siblings i havent heard from in years. my older sister penny is 31 and my older bro larry jr. is like 38 or something i dont really know. but the important siblings are andrew, age 22 and laura, age 17.
10)Are you: Married / Divorced / Single / Taken / Hunting? single
11)Do you live alone? yes
12)What color is you toilet seat cover? white with hair color stains.
13)Does your bedroom have a theme or leading color? um well its going to be blue when i finish painting. the theme is sort of early american dorm room.
14)Who do you live with? my dog.
15)Do you have any pets? a bassett hound called rascal
16)Where would you live if you had your choice? england. no contest.
17)Do you have any children? um. no.
18)Do you plan on having any? sure.
19)What do you want to be when you grow up? i dont plan on growing up. im like petra pan.
20)What subject were/are you good at in school? theatre, english lit, photography, psychology, science, world history
21)Do you think you're attractive? more so than some, less than others
22)Do others think you're attractive? apparently.
23)Are you flirtatious? extremely
24)What feature would you change about yourself? um id lose my anxiety disorder
25)What feature would your partner change about you? you would have to ask them.
26)What do you notice first about the opposite sex (or same, whatever floats your boat)? overall look. then overall vibe /attitude. than eyes, lips, cheekbones, hair, and recently arms and hands. i dont know why.
27)Are you infatuated with anyone? um not any ONE more like five or six.
28)Is anyone infatuated with you? um this guy at work..
29)Do you plan on doing something about your infatuation, or ignoring it? well as soon as i get my night vision goggles out of the shop........
30)Have you ever liked someone twice your age? well i had a crush on fess parker (you know davy crockett) when i was about ten.
31)What do you think women stress too much about? what other people think about them
32)What do you think men stress too much about? whether other people think they are cool or dateable.
33)What do you like others to notice first about you? my ability to brighten up a room. so i guess my attitude.
34)What do you hate others to notice first about you? as long as they are noticing me i dont care.
35)Do you have any piercing's? Where? yes two. one in each ear.
36)Do you have any tattoos? Where? no dont like needles
37)What is your NATURAL hair color? its been lost forever to the annals of time. it was blonde when i started coloring it. but i think its sorta brownish now.
38)What hair color catches your attention? dark brown, black
39)Do you have any extra body parts? wtf? not that im aware of.
40)Do you look for light skin tone or dark? um i usually go for pasty british boys but thats not written in stone.
41)Brains or Beauty? depends on what i want them for. generally beauty but if i have to talk to them for any extended length of time then brains
42)Sensitive or Sensible? sensitive
43)Do you like long or short hair? on girls - long. on boys - longish. between the ear and shoulder generally
44)Are you reserved or outgoing? usually outgoing. unless the situation calls for reserved.
45)How do you pick a chair at a table? which ever chair feels the most safe (shut up im not insane)
46)Which side of the bed do you sleep on? i have a tiny bed so all of it.
47)Would you pick the dark forest path, or cheery Meadow passage? depends on whether my purposes are nefarious or not.
48)Disneyland, or Magic Mountain? um i guess disneyland
49)Fine Dining or the local Burger Joint? um im easy either way. as long as they have something i can eat there im good.
50)Club or Sports bar? i much prefer clubs but always somehow end up in a sports bar. odd.
51)What is your favorite color? blue and orange
52)What is your favorite animal? cows
53)Who is your favorite Music Artist? placebo.
54)What is your favorite song? ack! *head explodes*
55)Can you Dance? yes on most days
56)Do your friends think you can? from what they tell me.
57)Hip Hop or Swing? hip hop
58)Have you ever seen Gone With The Wind? Did you like it? yes ive seen it a lot. i used to love it. but now i just like it.
59)What was the last movie you watched at the Theater? um...i took missy to see catch that kid.
60)What is your favorite classic movie? ack! i cant decide! i really like american in paris. anything with katherine hepburn. the awful truth is one of my favourites also.
61)Who is your favorite Actor? jonathan rhys-meyers
62)Favorite Actress? audrey tatou
63)What movie do you think all women should watch? the godfather
64)What movie do you think all men should watch? amelie
65)Television or Blockbuster? um blockbuster is the devil i go to hollywood
66)Drama or Comedy? depends on my mood. and the movie.
67)Novels or Poetry? novels
68)What is your favorite book and/ or poem? favourite poem is the ballad of reading gaol by oscar wilde. i cant pick a favourite book although i do love tale of two cities by dickens.
69)Do you drink socially or independently? both
70)Beer, Wine, or Champagne? usually wine. occasionally beer. never champagne.
71)Shots? yes please.
72)Do you smoke? nope
73)Anything? hmm? nope nothing.
74)What is your favorite food (munchie)? olive tapenade, brie, melba toasts
75)What is your favorite vacation spot? someplace really warm (beach) or very cold (skiing)
76)What sports / activities are you involved in? um tango lessons, im in a band, helping to build our kh, redecorating my house, nothing huge. as for sports, i only play when when my brother needs to warm-up (soccer), my sister needs to practice (hockey), or i need to blow off steam (dancing)
77)Have you ever roller-skated? old school rollerskating roxxors.
78)Have you ever bungee jumped? Would you? no. and no.
79)Have you ever sky dived? Would you? no. and no.
80)Tropical Island or Somewhere Inland? again much depends on the location. but i do love the beach.
81)Who is/ are your best friend/s? lord here we go. andrew, taryn, laura, danielle, karris, jason, chelsey, i think emma is going to soon become one as she is sooo much like me. only better.
82)What is your favorite day of the week? wednesday for some unknown reason. and friday.
83)Favorite day of the month? the one where my hair looked the best
84)Favorite day of the year? um whatever day im not depressed is my favourite day.
85)Who do you spend most of your free time with? myself. than laura. andrew and taryn. and jason.
86)Phone Queen/King or Person to Person? i prefer person to person but spend most of my time on the phone.
87)Coffee Lounge or Living Room Couch? living room couch.
88)Beach or Mountains? um depends on whether you want to ski or swim.
89)What is your favorite Season? summer
90)Who demands the most from you? myself.
91)Who do you look to for advice? myself. then my mom and dad. laura. taryn. danielle. it really just depends on what i need advice on.
92)What is your opinion of the person that sent this survey to you? danielle is amazing and great. we should all try and be a little more like her.
93)Do you think this survey is a waist of time? is that like a watch you wear as a belt or something?
94)Why are you continuing if you answered yes to question 93? cause ive come this far. im not giving up now.
95)Do you think you will get any responses? dunno.
96)Who will delete this email as soon as they get it? dunno.
97)Who will be the first to return the survey to you? dunno.
98)Would you like me to stop asking questions? dont care.
99)What time is it now? 4:15 pm

love and kisses,
with pain pills thrown in,
darla darvocet
Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: my sweet prince - placebo
punk_n_pretty on March 4th, 2004 01:46 pm (UTC)

first comment on here as The Punk

have you seen my new user pic? it's one of the pics you took of me. very nice.

love ya,