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28 February 2004 @ 12:48 am
reason number 56341 why my life should be more like a movie....  
so i had this crazy dream the other night.

i was a photographer and living in london with my gay best friend victor, who, in the dream, was played by rupert everett. he was a club owner and i helped out most nights at the club tending bar, joining the band on stage, dancing with victor or just as eye candy. you know classing up the joint.

so thats the vh1 behind the dream back story. in my dream, i got pregnant by a certain rock star i am mildly obsessed with (that shall remain nameless). he was less than pleased when he finds out so victor and i decide to raise the baby ourselves ala a madonna movie (the next best thing) (not a good movie the first time). so we are buying books and dealing with morning sickness and no pain pills and picking out stupid names we would never use. meanwhile victor is trying to reconcile me and my babys daddy for the good of the child (and us though we dont know it yet)

hilarity ensues.

even my dreams are corny made for lifetime tv happy ending fuzzy times.

im so sad.

me and rupert in a swank flat in london? would be uber sweet though.

and the whole groupie angle has its possabilities.....must ponder this further.....

love love love
-groupie number 56,897,871
(give or take)

ps. oscars this sunday.
expect a bitchy update soon after
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