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21 February 2004 @ 01:07 pm
'hey you're my stalker, aren't you?'  
'i prefer the term professional crazed fan'

ill have to remember that for the next time im caught in violation of one of those pesky restraining orders. three hundred feet indeed.

have been cleaning my house like mad. and have come to some decisions.

am now on a fourteen month plan to happiness and self-sufficiency.

or attempted happiness anyway. at least im trying to do something for myself.

im also trying not to get so mad at my mom. its very very hard on her for me to be to be sick all the time. i used to complain that she treated me like an infant or an invalid. so i should see it as progress that she doesnt even acknowledge my illness. although when she acts as if im mentioning something in order to milk it for sympathy or using it to excuse some sort of laziness, i do get very upset. i cant help it. but i guess its progress so i should get a thicker skin. actually that would probably solve a lot of my problems.

well, ive got papers to go through and things to throw out.

later lovelies,
Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: pure morning (live) - placebo
ex_pretty_gi80 on February 21st, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
Really really hope that you achieve what you want, Becca...And I wish I could pour a bit of my over-healthiness to you ^_^