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11 September 2002 @ 08:31 am
just to amuse myself....  
...cause i know the same six people are the only ones coming. but i like thinking that im important and millions flock to me. ah well.

so my dog woke me up again last night. i dont know what im going to do about her.

and all of the sudden, people i havent spoken to since high school are calling me to catch up. it makes me feel old. and reminds me of the "bad times". so most of you will understand why this story is funny. my friend ryan from high school calls up my mom last night looking for me. my mom says she no longer lives here. ryan than proceeds to ask her if he could get my new number. when my mom is hesitant, he tries to sway her with this argument. "im an old friend of beccas from naaman. i was friends with steve and justin...." im still shocked she didnt hang up on him then and there. instead she gave him my home and pager numbers. i still dont know why. it so unlike her, but maybe shes kinda of starting to trust me a little.
anyway had a lovely conversation with ryan. he was very nice however i had planned to go to bed around 1030 and instead wound up talking to him until about 100. this must stop all these old friends of mine, im meeting up with again and then we catch up on old times until 1 or 2 in the morning. really very tired.

i am going to see possession this weekend and possibly barber shop. i wanted to get some people together to see possession and now i kinda wanna go by myself. i hope i snap out of it before friday. maybe a few more people will decide to go and then they can all entertain each other and i can sneak of by myself. its odd, i always wanted solitude with my large very load family, and now i live alone and all i want is to be surrounded by people who love me but be by myself. i know that doesnt make any sense but its not that im anti social. i want to be alone with my thoughts and around all those i love. maybe i need more b vitamins or something. or maybe my soul needs solace.

watched gilmore girls last night. i love that show. than watched another show that i wont admit, but im confused about spike and anya. if any one understands that please feel free to let me know whats going on there.

so i have a boatload of work to do today so i best snap to.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: always - bon jovi (not a word)