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24 January 2004 @ 03:14 am
borderlining schitzo, guaranteed to cause a fuss  
*stolen from meowkittyirish*

put your real one player (or whatever method of listening to mp3s you use) on random and write down the first twenty songs that are played...i read as i listened to placebo sing every you every me the acoustic version. a song that is one of my two theme songs. so not counting that very lovely song, the list went something like this...

i want love - elton john
hypnotist - flaming lips
obsessions - suede
friday im in love - the cure (shut it. the cure have never had a bad song only overplayed ones)
dont let the sun go down on me - elton john and george michael
a sorta fairytale - tori amos
sour times - portishead
black - eyed - placebo (the second of my two theme songs)
numbed in moscow - portishead
1000 oceans - tori amos
somebody to love - george michael and queen
mourning air - portishead
all mixed up - red house painters
speak softly love - harry connick, jr.
english summer rain - placebo
shes got a way - billy joel
faith - george michael (what the crap is up with all the georgie - boy?)
astrogirl - suede
whiter shade of pale - annie lennox
radioactive heart - wheatus (a song i downloaded by mistake as i thought it was a weezer song. however, it doesnt suck that much)

of course as soon as i stopped keeping track thats when all the depeche mode and bjork came on...

tonight was cathartic and traumatizing all at once.

must eat something.

must sleep.

must hear more placebo.

oohhh placebo....

-mrs. brian slade
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: bjork - bachlorette (1st bjork song i ever heard)