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21 January 2004 @ 12:05 am
just so you know im alive.....  
lets see what to say... so much springs to mind but nothing really worthy of putting into words.

its disgustingly cold today and so im, quite naturally, in a lot of pain.

am having money issues (what else is new) although i get paid on friday so that should help.

have to take care of a ticket i received and am hoping to partake in the defensive driving discount, however, i am not quite sure how to go about it.

i also need some recent pics of me with my glasses and cute haircut, but i dont know any photographers besides myself and the great and glorious karen who lives in a differant state. hmmm..wonder who could do it...???

i think i live to much in the fantasy world ive made up than in the real world. arent i too old for such things? surely its unseemly.

ive been very happy lately but also simultaneously blue. not sure what thats about. maybe moms right and i should get a roommate, but with as many clothes as i have, im not sure where they would live. plus, im kinda a bitch to live with. ask my mom or my sister or danielle or well just anyone who has lived with me for more than a week.

i always have the urge to vent and write long rambling diatribes but when it comes time, i simply cant share that much of myself to the general populous. isnt that ridiculous?

but the good news is i think we have found a name for our band.... and its about time. now if we could only find a drummer......

i must find a way to get out all my stress, anger and hurt. i simply am unable to get furious anymore, and as for crying forget about it. wonder if ill ever get back to being me to feeling whole or even to a facsimile i can recognize as myself. although im not sure if i remember who that is.

*sigh* i should not be allowed to update this late, in this much pain, and on this many meds. let alone in the mental state im in.

i got a slip of paper in the mail today telling me that a convicted sex offender moved in down the street from me and although im not sure why, im kinda freaked out and scared to leave my house after dark. ive become my mother completely now. 'won't someone give me a gun..'

why are the posts i always intend to be the shortest the longest? its a mystery.

k kiddies i suppose i should go clean my bathtub or read my book or something.

till next time,
oodles and oodles of love and noodles,
dorothy parker
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: suede - the chemistry between us
ex_savoytruf156 on January 21st, 2004 01:21 pm (UTC)
i could take your pics. just tell me what to do and i'll do it.

and i would move in with you but....*the Odd Couple's theme begins to play* Need i say more? ;D ask the lovely T or would y'all kill each other?

hugs and kisses
"elwood's girl"