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16 January 2004 @ 03:46 am

i found this amazing cd store and they had placebo. and i bought it. YAY!!! although it wasnt the one that had passive aggressive on it. its coming in next week and i shall have it then. however, i do love it and am now officially in love with placebo and just yay!! yay!! yay!!

they are so amazing! and on a slightly different but kinda the same note, i had heard this song like a year or two ago on the radio called pure morning. and i LOVED IT, but had NOOOO idea who sang it and never could find out so i kinda just put it out of my mind and then, oh my god!!!! its placebo! its on their second album! i didnt even know. its kinda cool. at least it is to me.

well i just realized that in order to prevent myself from sounding like some obsessed fan girly i should have quit typing about four paragraphs ago.

oh and jasons the best friend ever. he had me laughing so hard, i almost wet myself.

well, am tired, must sleep. love to all.
-jackie mac
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: placebo - i know