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27 December 2003 @ 11:51 pm

curse my ineptitude with all things technological!! i wanted that in BIG BIG font!!!

but alas, html is not my friend *is sad*

*remembers present*

*starts bouncing and saying 'keeeeee!!!!'*

i should not be updating since all you mean and foolish people didnt comment on my quite hilarious monkey anecdote and therefore do not deserve to be blessed with more of the greatness that is me. however i cannot deprive you people of the only joy in your humdrum little lives, ergo I AM HERE!!!!

okay so what to say what to say.........




ooh i know!!!

I LOVE PRESENTS!!!!!!! andrew got me one today. he called me and was all..what are you doing?? and i was like..um talking to you on the phone...duh...

and then he was like im going to the store. come with??

and i was all, does that mean i have to put on pants??

and he was like, i dont care if you dont but if you get arrested, i cant bail you out cause ill have groceries to take home.

so seeing he made a valid point i agreed to grace him with my presence. (i said yes)(and put on pants)

so as im about to hang up hes all oh by the way....

at this point i know somethings coming so i say....yes??

and hes all i got you something and i was all why??? and he was all cause i wanted to and i saw it and thought of you. to which i replied *high pitched bubbles squeal* i LOVE presents!!! *more high pitched squealing*

to which he says i KNOW!!

so he comes over and guess what he got me.......

no..guess again....

no guess again...

no...gee you suck at guessing......

so he got me the new gq with hubby on it and i jumped and squealed and then hurt myself which cause me to calm down and say i mean gracious but this i a kind and thoughtful gift...

or i squealed more....i cant remember...kinda fuzzy... any way point being obsession growing. brother beginning to help feed it and soon will become like jack even more.

'you are pathetic! would you hide in his bushes like a normal person??' - jack

we were going to go salsa dancing tonight but when it came time to go, we just couldnt get excited about it so we went to the bookstore and then back to his house and ate this bread with this amazing dipping sauce he made. had some juice and then some juice with rum in it. (yum) and then watched a movie that is going on my short list of all-time favourites.

i really really really am getting impatient to go back to england. im almost yearning for it. maybe i can get a second job and save up and go this summer or something.

um oh and the day before christmas i received this beautiful letter from d on this exquisite stationary. so now im going to actually send her the card ive had on my dresser for her for like a year. anyway, neglected to mention that last post. sorry sorry about that.

oh and apparently im dead inside. so thats good news.

this is quite easily the stupidest most inane post ever...

i think i beat my record of sounding fifteen i think this post could pass for twelve.

lets class it up a little shall we??

i saw a dress in betsey johnson that im absolutely lusting after but its like 275 dollars and if i spent that much money on something i would be too scared to actually wear it. so maybe ill just go to my vintage store. and if all else fails, i can always just make myself a dress like that one.

i need to find someone who can make my designs. you know like can sew a dress from a drawing and not a pattern...i wonder if i could do that. i should buy some scrap material one day and try. okay well im too weird tonight to salvage anything worthwhile from this post so might as well get it all out of my system.

i like suede. i like cows. but i dont like to eat them or wear them. my house smells like dog. i need to wash my hair. i need to clean. i need some tofu cause my hip is hurting really badly and i need some protein.

i am in a frighteningly good mood tonight. please someone quickly remind me of what a miserable failure i am so i can go back to my life of quiet despair and wasteful indulgence.

oh and im not going to drink so much...new goal.



love love love and big juicy kisses
- jackie mac
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: suede - animal nitrate
ex_pretty_gi80 on December 28th, 2003 10:30 am (UTC)
Ur icon is unbelievably sexy.

This post made me chuckle a few chuckles.

And I may need to steal your brother and claim him as my big bro. if only for the nice presents.