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27 December 2003 @ 02:53 am
you will have to bear with me as i have somehow ingested some bad sushi and my stomach is rather upset with me right now. so if this sounds sort of hodge-podge, well its prolly cause im running to the bathroom to be violently ill and lost my train of thought....

so tonight was actually quite fun, aside from all the violently ill business. at the party there was quite a large bonfire and we all sat around it and talked. it was in the fifties prolly tonight so in a sweater and with the fire it was really nice. sat with stephen most of the night. we had a good chat. i dont get to hang out with him enough. he kept giving me romance advice and telling me how 'awesome' i am. he was kinda drunk. so i had a lot of laughs. met jasons girly. shes not at all what i expected, but she seems nice. helped jason clean up his house and then helped him kick everyone out. then i came home.

at work today i smashed my hip into the baler. its kinda out now and im thinking it might be a hindrance tomorrow.

also, i agreed to come in tomorrow at 8 am for my friend and now im beginning to think its a bad idea on par with the great sicilian monkey embargo of 1812. (a brief apology to all you history buffs out there. i have obviously taken some artistic license as everyone knows the great monkey embargo of 1812 took place in cairo. unfortunately for all you purists, cairo doesnt happen to be as funny a place.)

so since i have to be at work in five hours, i should at least try to sleep tonight before dawn with means no more lotr fanfics. which is okay cause they arent all that good anyway....one actually used the word irregardless. *shudder* i almost put my shoe through the monitor. thankfully cooler heads prevailed....well at least lazier heads. well off to bed with me. *frolics away*

love and kisses,

'you wont be dating a teacher, you'd rather shag a manic street preacher' - robbie williams

my deep quote for the night. (not really but it did make me giggle.)
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: robbie williams - knutsford city limits (not his best work)