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23 October 2003 @ 04:06 pm
life should be stereo..each day  
this keyboard is really getting on my last nerve. the keys are all sticky and its just crazy hard to type.

im getting new glasses tomorrow. they are are crazy tight. i didnt spend money i didnt have for no reason. my old ones broke.

my air-conditioner broke and flooded my back room. its fixed now but the carpet was a lost cause. so we ripped it up. and there is this really ugly seventies linoleum on the floor which is in both the bathrooms and i hate but it is better than soggy carpet thats growing things. i think its pretty great. esp. since its my art room. i can make a mess. plus im going to move my small bed into there and make it the guest room once i get my bigger bed. and put down some rugs.

i have to work tonight and im uber tired. but tomorrow im off and this weekend is our assembly which should be great.

and i pick up my glasses tomorrow and i was worried about the money. but i have enough. so yay!

lauras coming home today. andrews sick. i feel pretty ickie-poo myself (but what else is new) and i missed the bookstudy last night cause rascal was throwing up and i was cleaning. it was our first night in the new book too and i was pretty upset about it too.

cant forget to set vcr for friends tonight.

k ive rambled long enough. going to try and nap and think of hubbies. and then tonight when i get home i hope too clean a little more and sleep a lot.

kisses to all.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: robbie williams - aint it a kick in the head