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16 October 2003 @ 11:18 pm
..dont you hate people just like you...  
i just realized i hate people who say anything they dont like entertainment-wise (ie: music, movies, books...) has to be wrong. (could i have used a worse sentence structure?) i was going to write a whole rant about it until i realized i do that sooooo much that im prolly worse than anyone else i could be mad at. which i find funny. and creed still sucks rocks.

went the fair today and stuffed myself. which is always fun.

and i need a david bowie cd terribly bad. i have recently become a cd burning fool. burning cds that belong to all my family and friends. which is good cause they are free that way and im very very broke. but i might have to break down and get one of my own.

so tomorrow im working and then saturday im waking up to do the walk for the cure thing with some girls from work, at least i hope i am. im not doing so great from my fair excursion today....
well ill just have to do my best, and then after that i have to come home and change cause we are driving to jacksonville for a grad party and then are coming home and then sunday i have meeting and then work.
i hope i find out about that other job soon cause i really cant work here much longer. its just too hard.

well i must away to my laundry room since i wont be here on sat. to do it. love to all.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: portishead - sour times