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06 September 2002 @ 04:33 pm
come back......so that i may brain thee  
seriously....? petula clark? so need that radio.....

i have way too much hair. i so need to chop it off. its so ......big.

today was a good day, and im happy. for the most part.

if anyone out there knows any tour dates for gene, mojave 3, or any other kick bootay bands please let me know, i need to see a live show.

all i have planned to do this weekend is watch a whole lot of old movies, talk to my friends, and clean my house. service at five on saturday, than meeting for service at the hall(yay!)at nine, and meeting on sunday. so this weekend should be awesome. only two bad things and that is the total lack of money, and the cleaning out (ie unpacking) of my study/library but i will muddle through somehow and come out victorious. because I AM SPARTACUS (so pbth on you danielle)

boycotts for the upcoming week: i have lifted by ban of mcdonalds (fries are so yummy good), and Jason as he called be back (finally), however, exxon-mobil and britney spears boycotts still apply and i am adding for next week a theory. boycott stupid people. try and smack atleast one idiot upside the head next week. youll thank me for it. okay so that should do it for now. love and smooches.
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Current Music: dont sleep in the subway - petula clark