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bluebirdgirl is worn out.....

i know that i owe you much more than quizzes for my first update in years but i had to get these out of the way...... scroll down for update please....

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okay so the greatest thing is that i get to see my karen soon. actually actually just twelve days. and today is my last day off before then. i have sooooo much to do. it is very very sad because i must work every day to be able to afford to go. but it will all b worth it when i get off the plane and see my karen again. YAY!!

plus laura is doing much better. the swelling is almost gone and she can chew a little now. yesterday, she had scrambled eggs. it was cool.

and i saw a picture of hubby while he is in malta filming, and he had his shirt off.......all i can say is thank god for paparazzi 'verrry niiiiiice' -strong bad.

im working doubles every day for two weeks. did i mention that?

so even though im bb now im always jackie mac.

love love love and kisses.
-queen me.
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