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12 August 2003 @ 01:29 am
....my heart wasnt in it, not for one single minute....  
we had a company volleyball game tonight. it was really fun. one should never drink two double vodkas when you havent eaten since breakfast and then only had yogurt. im am covered in sand. and a little sick as i just ate jack in the box. and i have to open tomorrow. this is very very not good. i didnt make any money today. it was so bad. and i almost got in a fistfight at the game tonight cause i got this guy transferred so he hates me and started threatening to beat me up and calling me a lesbian. i got mad cause all the people i work with who claim to be my friends were laughing at me with him and defending him. so there are only like four people at work i can talk to. oh well. it will inspire me to quit sooner.
oh and i went to cd warehouse today to get this old 97s cd, which i got and it rawks my socks, but i found a suede cd for like 5.99. so i got that too. plus juliana hatfield and squirrel nut zippers for my childhood.
this old 97s cd is soooo cool. they sang most of these songs on saturday, so i know they are as good live as they sound on the cd. ill be quoting from this one for a while as it has my new theme song in it.

'and its enough to make a stupid man think straight'

must shower and pass out......
love to all,
bb 'jackie mac' jj
(i have too many nicknames)
-becca l.
Current Mood: drunkdrunk
Current Music: the streets from where i live - old 97s