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01 August 2003 @ 04:11 pm
i simply cannot believe that they are making me wait until july 26 to rent the two towers. crap movies come out almost immediately on video. why cant the ones that include stabbity death as well. i was frothing about it in the video store a couple of days ago and my friend that works there (who is totally comic book store guy) laughed and said i was a nerd. (its funny cause its true) so i went over to my sisters house yesterday (paradisehope) and we watched fellowship of the ring. so that help to tide me over a little. and as i watched and drooled and said 'yea!! orc death!!!' i realized how cute my hubby was as a blonde, and disgusted myself with my girlie-ness. but then he stabbed an orc in the head with an arrow, pulled it out and fired it into the head of another orc and i was like 'ohmygod thats SO cool!!' so i believe i redeemed myself. anyway, new topic....

im supposed to cover this girls shift tonight but now that its the day of, im bitter cause today is my day off i want to go out with t and clean my house. i suppose i should do that anyway, but ummmmmm..... im not going to. plus i have much to do. like eat and get ready and take care of my dog, and update my lj so as you can see there simply isnt time to clean my room. (to be honest i slept so late this morning i prolly wont be able to sleep for a while tonight anyway so ill just do it then.) at least i dont have to wear that ridiculous bow tie so thats something. i really need to find a new job. quickly. i hate that no one will hire me. overqualified? me? i cant be overqualified for EVERY job!!...
...cleansing breaths...
okay im okay now. well...im better now. must go cook something, as i am hungry. i miss d. i hope to get my ticket really soon. (next week sometime) ill call you with more details later on.

oooh and old 97s. next week. and then nathans party. really should get day off so i can go.....must ponder.

Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: you belong to me - suede
(Deleted comment)
queenie b: laughing eyesbluebirdgirl on August 8th, 2003 05:00 pm (UTC)
...like over here drinking alcohol before the meetings is a HUGE no-no, but like in france, the have wine for lunch at the conventions.

here there are several movies that are officially conscious matters, however there is quite a scandal if you go to see them. so we tend to keep quiet about how cool they are.

i miss talking to you girly. how have you been??