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18 July 2003 @ 04:37 pm
i was listening to this pumpkin album i found while cleaning my house. i dont know which one it is (i think its the last one but it might be a greatest hits or an import or something) and i remember how great they are and why i love them so much.

also getting tres excited about old 97s concert should be bunches of fun. im listening to all three cds in a continuous loop. punctuated by my punkins cd and my new and lovely britpop cd.

its crazy hot outside. i think i lost ten pounds just walking from the store to my car.

i went to a garage sale today and bought a really cool table. it needs to be refinished and then it will be fab.

and and and...i decided what to do to make my gross and ugly cabinets pretty and matching my kitchen.....gingham curtains!! isnt it too too country? well it will be cute retro country not gross casual country with rooster figurines everywhere. it should be spiffy.

i miss danielle. im going to start picking up shifts and saving every penny so i can see her again very soon. and maybe while im down there i can see my joshua again and see if hes still husband material......(ponders)

well i should go...have to go to the grocery store and be home by five thirty cause t and i have plans with nic. ooh and remind me to call beau. yes mustnt forget again!!!

love to all my minions,
"just jack"
jackie mac
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: songs in my head....