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16 July 2003 @ 12:13 am
"but i love him..."  
this week has been such a mixed bag of emotions. from the very best to the very worst. i guess the worst of it is that my health has taken a turn for the worst and i dont really know why. except maybe stress, but its really hard to keep anything down. and im always thirsty. and i cant sleep enough to feel refreshed and this stupid job is making me hurt so bad i just come home and want to cry. between the swollen feet and the constant need for saltines i might as well be on like my second trimester. but there isnt really anything i can do to improve my health (short of getting a new job which is still proving to be excessively difficult) ah well, next thing. im sure i have mentioned my friends that are in the band, and that im their photographer. well two days ago i got an email saying i was fired cause they had hired a "real" photographer. (oh, and btw, shes a real photographer cause she uses a flash.) its prolly for the best. i mean do i want to be in charge of creating a look for a band that honestly thinks the presence of a flash (on a disposable camera, no less) makes one a better photographer than years of experience and a passion and vested interest in the subjects.... (cleansing breaths cleansing breaths) but this way i get to go to the old 97s concert with taryn and nathan (rawr) and jason said he might come. we had a long talk earlier tonight and i had forgotten how funny and just like me he really is. and i have a call in to beau to see if he can come as well. and he called me tonight to tell me that he couldnt call me tonight. and then he inadvertently guilted me to waking up and going to the meeting. (yes yes i know im going to hell but i was SOOO tired). ive been working way too much for way too little. and ive been so busy at work and sick by the time i get home that my house is a wreck. ick. must clean. and while im a firm believer in drama (live-long drama queen speaking) i think that others drama should only enfold you to a certain extent. others have trouble with that concept. but i have made the decision that the subject will now offically be closed. so i feel a little better about it.

and now the best things about this week. i was able to give my parents a little money towards my bills. (huzzah) my hubbys movie opened and its a wonderful hit. ive already seen it three times. and even my mom commented that johnny depp looks better than he ever has "even with the eyeliner" i tried to explain it was because of it. she didnt agree. and ive made a new life plan re: my love life.
'he will be mine and he will like it!!'

my dr finally prescribed some new pain pills and anti-anxiety meds and now i have cash to get them filled. im getting my eyes checked and new glasses soon. and now the best things....:

my wonderful and beautiful karen is out of the hospital and apparently doing better. i wish id known as it was going on so i could have prayed for her instead of praying 'um..thanks' i feel like a bad friend. i guess tonight ill pray that she stays better. and i got a lovely package for her. she sent me the best present i could ever ever ask for.....drugs!! (hurrah!!) she knows me the best. and and and i got this great cd. she makes the best cds ever. so now i have all these new groups to drool over. 'oooh so british' 'oooh so swanky' 'ooooh so dreamy'
so excited. i jumped around and then realized that it hurt. so i stopped ooh ooh oooh and dani should be excited that i think i might have finally picked one guy and settled on him. its still early yet though so 'fingers crossed'.
k well id better go cause sleep i must and soon. oh and topic for discussion who loves the new great teacher book? and remember when i used to makes lists of boycotts that was fun i shall have to try that again. and next post...QUIZ!!!! i know how excited you are!
k well bye for now.
jackie mac
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: wonderful - adam ant (new favourite song)
mooziemamamoozie on July 16th, 2003 09:52 am (UTC)
miss you loads
miss your laugh. We redecorated that extra room, and we've informally dubbed it 'Becca's room'....when are you going to come occupy it?
queenie bbluebirdgirl on July 16th, 2003 10:11 am (UTC)
Re: miss you loads
im going to try for september. i need to check dates with d before i do anything final like buy tickets.
miss all of you.
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: to the birdssoftest_fire on July 16th, 2003 11:39 am (UTC)
Re: miss you loads
come ASAP, just not between august 15-20 but ANY OTHER TIME
and stay as long as you want
and girl... lordy do i have the dish for you...
sookie sookie now..
youre gonna plotz..

'the reason you arent in a relationship is on line 1'