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29 April 2003 @ 02:53 am
can i kiss your furrowed brow, and calm your nervous heart??  
i stole this from socialite a while back. amd since i cant sleep tonight, i figured i should bust it out now. so enjoy and then let me know the same about you people.

[Spell your name backwards] acceber
[Where do you live?] garland, texas
[Describe yourself in three words] sarcastic, loyal, fun
[Who is your worst enemy?] myself
[If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?] a monkey or a lizard or something else unusual
[sunglasses] the cheapest oversized tortoise shell glasses I can find
[underwear] white bikinis with navy flowers
[shoes] none unless I have to.
[nail polish] I have silver remnants on my toenails
[handbag] this huge black monster that could hold a small child
[favourite top] prolly one of my tanktops. (at work they called me linda hamilton since I wore a different one every day.)
[favourite pants] I would say my ultra low rise but thats all of them so I guess the ultra low rise pants that make my rear look the best.
[cd in stereo right now] rhett miller solo album (lead singer of the old 97s)
[tattoos] None
[piercings] just my ears
[current song] come around - rhett miller on a continuous loop *sigh*
[wearing] jean shorts and a blue ribbed tank top
[hair] long, red in colour, with bangs, needing to be washed and up in a half bun.
[makeup] none right now
[in my head] thinking about this song and how much I like it. Wondering why my headache is suddenly much much worse. Stressing about getting a job.
[hearing] the computer whirring and the song come around
[wishing] i had a job and that my head didnt hurt so much. Oh and that I could get ahold of my friend jason so I could make out with him…..or something
[after this] hopefully sleeping if not than cleaning my house.

Today I ...
went shopping with taryn to get laura a dress for her wedding. Looked for jobs, watched tv, listened to music, cleaned house did laundry, fed the dog, went over to my parents house to say hi and drop off something, made a sandwich..

5 Facts About Me ...
1. Im very loud to disguise my shyness
2. Im sick in my body not in my mind
3. Im very very sarcastic but am usually joking around ESPICALLY if I hurt your feelings.
4. My hair and eyes match (they are the same colour.)
5. i sing and know 2 guitar chords

5 Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die ...
1. pioneer
2. Win a Pulitzer for photography
3. become tremendously successful at something
4. Convince my parents stupid friends that im happy being single and am that way by choice.
5. Eventually give my parents some grandkids

5 Actors/Actresses I Love..
1. Katherine Hepburn
2. Alan Cumming
3. Ewan McGregor
4. John Cusack
5. Woody Allen

Name Your Favourite Band/Artist That Starts w/ Each Letter:
I couldnt think of any bands for I or x let alone ones I liked. Any suggestions??

A - aerosmith
B - beatles
C - crowd of stars (best friends band)
D - depeche mode
E - elvis costello
F - fitzgerald, ella
G - gene
H - hart, beth
I -
J - joel, billy
K - kravitz, lenny
L - lit (shush)
M - mojave 3
N - no doubt
O - old 97’s
P - portishead
Q - queen
R - radiohead
S - suede
T - tori (as in amos)
U - u2
V - van morrison
W - wings
X -
Y - yo-yo ma
Z - zwan

(1) The singular boring question: Rebecca
(2) If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been?: Benjamin
(3) Would you name a child of yours after you? Im planning on using my middle name Lorraine as it is a family name
(4) If you had to switch first names with a friend of yours, who would you switch with? um..maybe karris. dont really know.
(5) What's the way people most often mispronounce any part of your name? They either spell my first name with two b’s and one c, or they spell my last name with a u-n instead of a-m
(6) If you were to become famous, would you drop your last name? God yes I hate it so much I have had thought in the past of going down to becca l cause even if I get married l could stand for my middle name and therefore would always work as my name.

(7) Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? no
(8) Do you think God has a gender? no
(9) Do you think science counteracts religion? Not even a chance
(10) Do you believe in organized religion? Only in mine
(11) Where do you think we go when we die? Nowhere except to become fertilizer. There are of course exceptions to this rule
(12) Do you feel a little funny thinking about the questions in this section? um…no

(13) How easy is it to make you laugh? Its generally hard but once I start its difficult to get me to stop and I laugh for any reason
(14) What person you know makes you laugh the most? Either andrew or laura. Lately though taryn has been really good at it.
(15) Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn't? no
(16) Do you tell jokes you know you shouldn't? no. unless im trying to piss off karris..
(17) What words instantly make you laugh or at least smile? Inside jokes with friends and family. Quotes from shows I love. Random lines from out of left field.
(18) What do you think is the funniest thing you've ever said or written? Prolly the cartoon I drew about my brother. i still get requests for that bad boy.

(19) Do you ever dance to music when nobody's watching? I dance all the time. And even more when no ones around. Trying to see if I can still do the moves I used to come up with
(20) What is/are the worst song(s) you have ever heard? there are soooo many. karioki versions of good songs top the list as well as all that yanni, kenny g crap.
(21) What song(s) do you wish you could understand a little better? Prolly radiohead songs. I have to sort of sing along phonetically
(22) What song(s) are constantly in your head? Recently old 97s/rhett miller and billy joel. Plus the usual mix of suede and weezer.
(23) What song(s) do you think describe your personality best? ive been told I was the inspiration for the following songs: im just a girl - no doubt, you oughta know - alanis, stupid girl and when I grow up - garbage, beautiful freak - eels, I feel the following: thats what friends are for, bridge over troubled waters, I GOTTA BE ME,
(24) If you were to serenade the object of your affections, which song(s) would you use? A standard like our love is here to stay or the man I love.
(25) If the object of your affections were to serenade you, what song(s) would you hope he or she used? Any love song, the cornier and sappier the better. I used to want someone to write one just for me, however after I had a former boyfriend do that…..just any love song by billy joel or paul mccartney definitely and usually any song about a girl and love and crap like that.

(26) What movie(s) do you love that nobody else seems to? Oscar w/ sly stallone, pirates of penzance with kevin kline, bridget jones’ diary, hazard of hearts, most old movies, and almost all musicals.
(27) Do you agree with the idea that sequels are always worse than the original? nope
(28) Who's your favorite Star Wars character? Han solo (he is every girls dream guy)
(29) What kind of movie do you think there should be more of? Musicals, period pieces, merchant ivory films, nice romantic comedies without all of the sex and bad language, and adaptations of classic books like shakespeare and jane austin, etc.
(30) What movie(s) do you simply not understand the appeal of? teen movies, and those comedies that are nothing but racial humour, grossout humour, and/or sex jokes. bad remakes of wonderful old classics, etc.

(31) When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness? Taste but I only buy healthy food so that when hungry I can eat whatever sounds the best to me at that time.
(32) What's your favorite kind of cheese? Brie and havarti
(33) What do you think your answer to the previous question reveals about your personality? Im a snob that likes upscale cheeses obviously.
(34) If you knew exactly what went into Chinese food, hamburger meat, etc., would you still eat it? Well not the hamburgers as I am a vegetarian however, I think as long as its nothing unsanitary ie saliva or rat hair that I would still try to eat it.
(35) Do you ever feel guilty eating meat? Yes thats why I dont.

(36) Mac or PC? PC unfortunately
(37) How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer, as long as it works? I dont as long as it does everything I want, moves at the speed of sound, and never gives me any problems
(38) Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversation? Sometimes depending on who I am talking to or how much medication im on
(39) Do you find you're different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone? A little.
(40) Have you ever ended bid on something on eBay and regretted it later? Um no I dont get down like that

(41) Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender? yes
(42) What do you love most about the other gender? they are blissfully ignorant of everything except themselves and their own needs. Oh and they can eat anything and never get sick.
(43) What do you dislike most about the other gender? See above
(44) What do you understand least about the other gender? why they are all so scared to be honest around women and why they believe the uglier they are the more irresistible to hot women they will be. And their assuming-ness

(45) Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it? well obviously. Anyone who says they havent is a big fat uber liar.
(46) What celebrity's autograph do you want most? Prolly either audrey hepburn for my mom or paul and linda mccartney for me.
(47) Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who? Ashley judd, holly hunter, that girl from blossom, sarah jessica parker
(48) If there was to be a movie about you, who do you think should play you (in personality, looks or both)? I want to play myself. Or if you could take the personality and mannerisms of renee zellwegger in bridget jones diary, and put it in selma hayeks body *sigh* wishful thinking. But seriously I would love for a young katherine hepburn to play me. I would love to see how she played the role. ( I wonder if she could make my life seem interesting)
(49) Does it ever annoy you when you know someone is a celebrity but you can't remember why? Most "celebrities" dont do anything to render them worth remembering
(50) If you could enter any celebrity's mind like in "Being John Malkovich", whose would you enter? Alan Cumming, or Ewan McGregors wife *rawr*
(51) Do you want to be John Malkovich? Um not especially no

(52) Do you laugh when you hear or read the number 69? only when im in full jack mode
(53) Were you lying about your answer to the previous question? uh no
(54) Do you actually know your Social Security Number? yes of course
(55) Do you actually know your IP address? No not really.
(56) Do you know what an IP address is? Uhh yea ….internet (service) provider
(57) Do you know the four-character extension on your ZIP code? No why would I need to remember that
(58) Are there too many numbers floating around in our lives? Absolutely yes without a doubt
(59) Does your head begin to hurt when you think of infinity, imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, etc.? crap now I need pain pills *jerk*
(60) What do you think of pi? Pie?? Yummmmmm *drool*

(61) Did you get a little frightened or uncomfortable seeing this as a section title? no
(62) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? Um depends. Is he hot?
(63) Do you prefer getting to know someone first before dating them or going in "blind"? either way. as long as they’re hot
(64) Could you carry on a relationship with someone with the same first name as a family member? i suppose if he was hot enough
(65) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? I thought it WAS socially acceptable. I wasnt aware this was 1957.
(66) What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment? Is there a hot person involved??
(67) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? Um have you been paying attention to my previous answers? Hello!! shallowest person alive!
(68) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking? Of course. Have you seen me???
(69) Would you be willing to give up sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? Um probably not.
(70) Do you think the number of the last question was a coincidence? Who has time to notice minutiae like that with the length of this mind numbing survey??

(71) What is your favorite possession? Prolly the ring my grandmother gave me. Or the dishes of my grammas I inherited.
(72) What physical, tangible possession do you want most? Probably a cd burner
(73) How badly do you want it? enough to go get a job
(74) Have you ever seen the exorcist? Not a chance I could barely sit through the shining.
(75) How long did it take you to understand why the last question is in this section? K. still dont. (no laughing on medication)

(76) Does Christmas music too far away from Christmas annoy you? Christmas music annoys me period.
(77) How old do you think you will be before you stop liking getting older? Last year.
(78) What was the best Halloween costume you ever had? Um whatever dude
(79) What was the worst Halloween costume you ever had? Seriously..get a life
(80) What holiday do you think has still managed to retain its original meaning? The memorial
(81) There are currently no federal holidays during August - what should be put there? National appreciate becca week.

(82) How good is your short-term memory? Really really truly crazy bad
(83) How good is your long-term memory? pretty okay
(84) What is your earliest memory? Watching a slide show a week after my brother came home from the hospital and having his umbilical cord stump fall out when I kissed the top of his head and me thinking that I had broken the baby.
(85) What is your happiest memory? Prolly right after my younger sister was born and my older sister moved back in with us and we were temporarily a whole family again. Or before I started suffering from depression so like first grade. Or even high school when I was still able to dance.
(86) What is your strangest memory? um...id rather not repeat in mixed company like this.
(87) What song, movie, etc. do you wish you could memorize? Every movie, song, tv show that has a special meaning to me or any of my friends.
(89) What book makes/made you cry? Othello, the old man and the sea, little women, the crucible, of mice and men, a separate piece, tale of two cities, a woman of independent means, etc.
(90) What song makes/made you cry? Many songs by billy joel, paul mccartney and beautiful by Christina Aguilera

wow! that was both long and pointless.
best to go now.
-the four eyed girl
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: rhett miller - four eyed girl
That Person, Over Therehanauma on April 29th, 2003 09:03 am (UTC)
Holy moly !! =))
That was long Becca girl LOL =))

So when are we gonna get together and hang out?! =)) Since you're back in Texas now right?