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05 September 2002 @ 04:38 pm
i need a radio at work so i dont keep hearing crazy disco songs in my head and singing them for 12 days. ive finished all my work and could go get some more but i just kinda want to sleep and i only have 15 minutes anyway, so ill do it tomorrow.

i forgot the odd weirdness that comes over you when youve been over medicated and under rested for too long. everythings gauzy and veiled.
i feel high.
i just love everyone.
but i have to sleep.
no more driving across the metroplex at 945 at night to talk to a friend. no more talking to a friend on the phone until 130 in the morning. (you know who you are and ill get even if its the last thing i do) jeez i might as well have a boyfriend as much sleep as im getting. (sigh of disgust) no cause i still have my self respect so after that leaves me i guess itll be time for me to destroy my life again. ah well such is life. it could be worse....i could be.....(whispers loudly) married (shudder). course as lazy as i am i might prefer being married so i dont ever have to leave the house. my own personal lackey for life ....hmm.......(rubs hands together maniacally) excellent. well, perhaps ive been wrong all these years about the whole marriage equals slavery hell thing..........but i seriously doubt it. ooh. 5:00. must dash. b.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: knock three times - tony orlando and dawn (what the crap?)