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05 September 2002 @ 08:41 am
have important information. have successfully lost enough weight so that my second trimester tummy, now resembles only first trimester (the early months). yay! am thin. ish. ah oh well. i bought plane tickets yesterday. am so excited and feel the tiniest bit grown up. went over my finances. is much worse than last thought, however, will persevere and be able to slowly afford all things i need. listed below:

new monitor - this most important as will need to eventually stop posting from work.

new speakers - also important cause i can hear nothing that i download.

cd burner - important as well for gifts and making space in my c drive and also general merriment.

new haircut and hair color - will need to save up for a while, but will look most fetching when done in short layered bob (a la amelie) in coffee colored shade with the slightest hint of red. will be most lovely.

am very bridget jones today in speech pattern. ah well. not v. b.

i was told by one of my friends that in the movie of her life i would be played by .....are you ready.....wait for it......ashley judd? i disagree with that as apparently does my friend steve who said i should be played by renee zellwiger (or however you spell her crazy name) since she reminds him of me in every movie shes in. he said joey lauren adams would be a good second choice, but more in her early work. he did get them confused so maybe they are similar in mannerisms. (he actually thought renee was in mallrats) (moron).

ack! i forgot very important thing i need money for. besides having some spending money on vacation october and saving up for plane tickets to england as well as travel expenses, i also need some work clothes . (my wardrobe is a little light on the business casual front).
well, must dash. am needed.
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Current Music: little arrows - leapy lee (dont ask)
ex_savoytruf156 on September 5th, 2002 02:27 pm (UTC)
Perhaps you could...
Perhaps you could find work clothes at GoodWill. I don't know if you'd like going there but i'm sure you could find something for work there for cheap. Who knows.

When you go to England, SEND ME A SOUVINER! Did i spell that right? anyway, paul mccartney wrapped in a bow would do nicely but seeing you'd KILL FOR HIM, you could just get me something related to him. Yeah yeah, i'll give you the money if u promise, and DO NOT SPEND ON SHOES OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. ONLY FOR MY SOUVINER!

must away to work again, arg! :D