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20 January 2003 @ 01:07 am
i laugh in the face of danger, then i hide till it goes away  
so who watched the golden globes tonight?

all i can say are there are a lot of people who should have consulted with the queen of the world (ie: me) before leaving the house dressed as they were. didnt they have any home training? hello lara flynn boyle, im talking to you! thirty - five freakin years old and she was wearing a big pink bow in her hair bigger than her arms. which seeing how they are thinner than small twigs isnt that hard. and who told her that ballerina fashion was something to be admired? and a pink tank top was good fashion? and i swear to god, edward norton has larger breasts than she does. is this dress up day? halloween? it was just tu-tu awful.

and sharon stone with her eighties reject outfit. at least she wore it with flair. and meryl strep maybe one of the best actresses around but does she always have to dress so frumpy? its like shes always saying 'hi im meryl. i cant dress well cause im a SERIOUS actress'. ick.

there were a few good looks though. queen latifa looked so good. (i know i spelled her name wrong. cut me some slack. its late and im VERY heavily medicated. she was quite classy and accessorized perfectly. as always selma hayek look sooo hot. (confessional aside: i have such the crush on her. i would pay a lot of money to look exactly like her.) she looked incredibly sexy in red. catherine zeta jones found a dress that made her look thin (quite a feat for a woman whose eight months pregnant). halle berry looked sexy as usual. very classy and perfectly put together.

it was all in all though very boring with far too many black dresses, way to many safe options, and hello! any more cleavage and they would have to show it on skinamax.

but fashion aside, there were a few high points. jennifer aniston won and looked really good despite her broken foot. brad pitt look really good but his hair was a bit too long for my taste. nicole kidman won which makes up for her exclusion last year for moulin rouge. rene zellwegger won for chicago (hurrah) although im kinda getting over her she was superb in that role. richard gere won also for chicago (hurrah) his shocked expression alone was priceless. and chicago won for best musical or comedy picture HURRAH!!! it is one of the greatest movies ever. and and and tony shaloub won and i love him so yay for him. donald sutherlands speech was witty and clever.

there were bad awards too. like the hours beating lord of the rings for best picture. and hello!! why was orlando bloom, viggo mortensen, ian mckellen, elijah wood. sean aston and the like not even nominated?? they were all wonderful. *bitter* *bitter* *bitter* and how did martin scorsese beat peter jackson?? and u2 are great and i love them. but ive never even HEARD their song for gangs of new york, so how could it beat madonnas song which totally rawked??

well, ive rambled enough for now. my trip to see danielle has been postponed till the first week in feb. so ill have to just keep myself sane till then. and danielle and i will be joining our evil forces for the oscars. start preparing yourselves now. think jack and karen doing joan and melissa rivers jobs...only more so. well ive got a lot of wall staring to do. or i might take some more pain pills so i can sleep. either way ill have to catch YA'LL later. much love all my loyal minions, faithful lackeys, and worshipful followers.

eternally yours,
steven cojocaru
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: weezer - pinkerton album
That Person, Over Therehanauma on January 20th, 2003 01:33 am (UTC)
I only saw the last 1/2 hour of the awards, but..I wasn't too upset because I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoyed that "The Hours" won over "The Two Towers" I was like HELLO? I've never even HEARD of "The Hours" !! Peter Jackson must be like so annoyed. I swear - some undercover committee gets bribes or something like that regarding who gets what awards. !! Heh, so I'm glad I didn't see the beginning of the awards or else I just would have been grumpy all night haha.

See reading your post makes me grumpy because Madonna lost to some person's song that I've never heard of !! /growls !! Although, I'm glad you posted you haven't been updating a whole lot. Why are you taking pain pills? =)) *hugs* =))
stitched sally, maybe: whispersally_stitches on January 20th, 2003 02:08 pm (UTC)
did either of you even see 'the hours' or read the book?
its frikken amazing... not that i saw it.. but those little elves and their MAGIC? and MAGIC being bad.... like lesbian witches on the WB miss bluebirdgirl :]

i was happy for OCD winning an award with tony shaloub ;] i felt not so wrong, har

must clean my hands nine times
love ya suit