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26 December 2002 @ 11:44 am
why i love my friends  
in alphabetical order:

ataractic: you are always finding beauty even in despair. you can take a tragic experience and write something beautiful about it. and you love and care about danielle so much..how could i not think you were a beautiful person?

azzaria: you are always there for anyone with an encouraging word, building me and everyone else up. you also know how to write threatening letters with the best of them. love you girl.

campbellconey: you get my jokes about bridget jones and p.g. wodehouse. you hate stupid people and bad dressers. and you are never afraid to mock someone mercilessly right out in the open. thats so great.

emperor3d: k well dont really know you all that well, but you are very very funny. and you like oasis and beer. and you have a nemesis. you rock.

fraubluka: ive never heard you say anything against anyone else. always trying to find the good in people, i so admire that.

hanauma: you are just the nicest person ever. i doubt if youve ever even thought anything mean about anyone, let alone said it. you are always so cheerful all the time and nothing gets your spirits down.

ladyaltona: you are always mentioning jehovah and talking about spiritual and upbuilding things. i appreciate it.

mamamoozie: what can i say you are just the greatest old person ever. haha. you know when to upbuild spiritually, when to upbuild emotionally, when to use humour, and when to throw down. plus you make a killer chicken...

palerecluse: well, you love danielle so that in itself endears you to me, however, you are mildly amusing in your own right, semi-talented, and not horribly bad tempered. plus even though you have no ethical problem with the slaughtering of thousands of defenseless animals just for food or clothing, you are a relatively fun person to hang out with, espically when we get to make fun of the cracked windshield, donut lady, and your vegan ways.

paradise hope: laura laura laura what can i say? you are the funniest, most talented, most attractive person ive ever met (outside myself of course) and you have the best heart and a beautiful soul. sometimes, i cant even believe we are related. i mean how did i get so lucky....?

processedsanity: matt, you can make me laugh when i feel like dying. plus you appreciate just how hot viggo truly is. but beyond that, i always get the feeling when i talk to you that you truly care how im feeling. thats a quality thats hard to find. even when you are queen of the world.

savannahpink: even though i dont get to talk to you all that much, i feel that you are a good person who genuinely loves jehovah. thats the most important thing there is.

savoytruffle: chels, there just isnt enough room. ive known you for years and you just always keep surprising me with how kind, nice, and beautiful you truly are inside and outside.

socalite: i simply do not have words enough in my vocabulary to describe just how precious you are to me. i cant even remember my life before i met you and dont want to imagine my future without you. you gave me hope that maybe i shouldnt give up. that someone else TRULY understands what im going through. you are just a wonderful wonderful person, and if i typed for hours, i could never never fully express just exactly what you mean to me. i love you eternally, mrs. torrence.

okay well, i love all of you. have a good weekend. i hope to hear from you all super soon.
love you,
clarice sterling
Current Mood: touchedtouched
That Person, Over Therehanauma on December 26th, 2002 05:09 pm (UTC)
*snuggles you tight* !! Hey, we've got to figure out how far away we actually live from each other okay? I wanna meet you girlie !! =))
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: behind it allsoftest_fire on December 27th, 2002 03:46 pm (UTC)
have the lambs stopped screaming dear clarice?
aww. i got the longest kind entry about me. youre too sweet. and i love how you summed up pale, too cute...

i love you
youll see!

jamie gumb

'im lyin over you...ooooo hooo'