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23 December 2002 @ 08:57 am
bad news  
my current title of music aficionado, is in jeopardy. another mistake of this magnitude and, well, my loyal followers might begin to question my status as queen of the world. it pains me to have to admit a mistake like this but....i have totally overlooked the genius of coldplay, and have not only never bought their cd i havent even downloaded one of their songs. im the worst music fan ever. im on the level of those girls who claim to like music but really only think that the singer is hot, thereby spawning the antichrist that is justin timberlake and the rest of the n'suck clan. but im educated, im cultured. i know the difference between mozart and tchaikovsky. between pavarotti and domingo. *sob* how could this have happened?

all right my faithful subjects. i have work today and then im off for two days of lounging, vegging, and cleaning my house. i would also like to mention how very disappointed i am in most of you as i have had no comments in the past three entries. i certainly hope that something is done to rectify this situation soon or i shall have to take steps.

as for my weekend, i came home on friday and took a nap, then went to see two weeks notice with karris and her friends. hugh grant was yummy as usual in that movie and sandra bullock wore a dress that i will covet even after my death. then, on saturday, i stayed in bed all day and read a book, then i got out of bed, went to my moms house to do my laundry, and stayed there and watched half of the cowboy game (*cough* suck *cough*) and then road to utopia with bing crosby and bob hope. it was v. v. funny. then went home and went to sleep. then on sunday woke up, danielle called, went to the meeting, went to see lotr again, (yea!!), then went to watch andrews hockey game, came home and went to sleep.

now im at work and its storming bad and it soo dark outside. however im warm and toasty in my office, ignoring all the work i should be doing. i better go now. actually have lots to do. k love to all of you.

-becca; queen of the world; 3rd in line to the throne of the universe
Current Mood: ditzyditzy