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20 December 2002 @ 09:28 am
i just cannot believe how very sick i feel. just for the record orange juice and wine are not good together. throw in some meds and well you are just asking for it to come back up. so far ive managed to keep it down, but i have to be honest, i think i might feel better if i just gave up and got it all up. ewww. thats gross. im changing the subject.

i have three movies out i want to see. so ill prolly be going to the movies tonight. but this weekend, im going to finish all my laundry AND clean my house really really good. it has to be nice for when danielle comes...speaking of which i might want to talk to my boss about getting those days off so she doesnt have to sit in my house and look at the walls. pretty and cow covered as they might be.....plus i need to look into finding another bed. a bigger one so that she doesnt have to sleep on the floor when she comes. or even a pull out bed. must shop around.....

k well must dash. im at work so you know what that means. friends to call, emails to send, web surfing to do, oh yea and i probably should finish the filing, you know while im here. k, love to all of you.
Current Mood: nauseatednauseated
Current Music: long sleeves for the summer - gene