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06 December 2002 @ 09:18 am
adventures in taxicabs  
so last night we went downtown to go to the lisa loeb/sixpence none the richer show. we were forced by taryn to go to bookstudy first.....shes so good. boo. anyway we left pretty much directly after the study and took the dart rail down there. (the train, for those of you who dont live in dallas) and we got off about eighteen blocks from where the show was. then we had to listen to my brother complain for about eight blocks about how we shouldnt be walking, the neighborhood was going to get bad...blah blah blah. so we finally capitulated and let him flag down a taxi, after which we were able to pay fifteen dollars to drive us ten blocks. not including tip. we then went into the hard rock cafe (where it was being held) and discovered that we had missed lisa loeb. my reason for going. i was none too happy but i figured, eh what the heck. i had forgotten how brilliant sixpence is and last nights set was amazing. there were only three of them there. the girl singer (whose hair i covet a goodly amount) and two really cute guys playing acoustic guitars. so everything was stripped down and unplugged and she was losing her voice and still managed to sing better than most singers nowadays. and halfway through their set, the girl in front of us passed out and landed on my feet. we were kinda worried but when she came to she looked her boyfriend dead in the eye and said 'i hope you're happy' i laughed. and then i stole their spot. after the sixpence set, we went to meet lisa loeb and get her autograph and she was such a B-autch. she was mean and snippy and we were upset. but we stole sixpence posters off the walls and that cheered us up immensely.

afterwards, we went to eat but left as soon as i got all my jackets off, they decided to go else where. sooo i had to put everything back on. and then we had to hail another cab and fifteen more dollars (not including tip) and we were back at the station and then when i tried to get out i got stuck. no seriously i had one leg out and i was trying to fit between the chair in front and my seat and i twisted funny to get my wide hind end out of the van and my leg seized up and i couldnt move it. it was wedged in there pretty good, however, taryn yanked it out and i stumbled out and limped off. then we had to wait at the train station for the red line to show up while todd made good use of his flask and danced his little penguin dance and we clapped and laughed. then we took the train home, drove to i-hop to placate me which everyone knows is futile since i can never be satisfied. and i got yummy food and the kick bootay waitress gave me free refills on my hot chocolate. she was awesome!! woohoo!!

then i got home at one oclock am, let the dog out, brushed my teeth, did half of my face creams, took my vitamins and my crazy pills and went to sleep at one thirty. and now here i am at work, exhausted, in the middle of a depo, on a friday and cant even wear jeans. boo. stupid alternate attorney. i am going to have to tell my boss today that i cant go to the 'end of year' party thats actually a christmas party. *sigh* its gunna be awkward. well i better go. have a crap load of stuff to do. will talk to ya'll soon.

ps. i love you danielle and i hope you feel better. cant wait to talk to you soon. let me know when you think youll be coming down so i can figure out stuff for us to do. oh and what day is your wedding so i can request some time off?
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stitched sally, maybe: pieces of mesally_stitches on December 6th, 2002 04:44 pm (UTC)
this comment was paid for by the 'let danielle already have her package, as she is dying and weak and can endure no more mental torture from you' foundation.

thank you
queenie bbluebirdgirl on December 9th, 2002 06:43 am (UTC)
Re: comment
okay okay its as good as on its way...
(Deleted comment)
queenie b: photograph smilebluebirdgirl on December 9th, 2002 06:43 am (UTC)
yea it did cause we are all pretty big fans of hers. however taryn pointed out that she was prolly just bitter cause shes not selling cds anymore.

love you darlin.