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04 December 2002 @ 01:33 pm
happy fun times!! they had corn AND mashed potatoes in the cafeteria today. im pretty excited about it. i had to fore go my venti nonfat six pump chai latte. very n.g. im also having to take care of the company holiday cards. sort of an uncomfortable sitch really. plus there are 500 of them to be sent out and all ive done for the past three days is work on them, even took them home to work on them. as a result i am four days behind on work. really truly very n.g.

my arm freaked out last night. its what i hate the most about my stupid disease. the involuntary muscle twitches. i had one last night that managed to hit the straw in my drink, knocking out the ice cubes and completely soaking my hair and jacket in rum and pineapple juice. in front of people who didnt know the lowdown about my problem. they found it very amusing. my brother did not. he was very upset with them. chelsey and taryn were concerned as well. i love them.

the mural is coming along quite nicely. much slower than i had originally anticipated but when i see what it looks like, i just cant believe it. its so beautiful. i almost cried looking at it last night.

we were all going to go to a hockey game tonight but now my sis is taking her friend and i get to stat home alone! you have no idea how much i am looking forward to being able to come home to an empty house, just me and my dog, put on tatty clothes, curl up in a comfy chair, and read all night, and go to bed at nine o clock. well maybe ten-thirty. i am going to have to go to the library tonight. my movies are overdue. *sigh* but once i get home. im staying there all night long. i DO need to go grocery shopping but i can do that tomorrow night after the bookstudy most probably....no wait!!! lisa loeb concert tomorrow night. CRAP!! well not crap about the concert. i like lisa loeb, crap that im going to have to go grocery shopping tonight when i had a whole evening of vegging planned. oh well. ill figure something out. k well, ive taken a long enough lunch. id better go now.

love you,
-the grinch that wants to steal christmas
Current Mood: pleasedpleased