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26 November 2002 @ 08:42 am
there is this movie that ive wanted to see forever. its a dutch film called the dress and it follows the life of a dress and what happen to the people who come in contact with it. so last night we decide to watch it and it being dutch its not rated and we only saw about twenty minutes of it before we had to turn it off. it was quite dirty in a very disturbing way. i was very upset. ah well. im still hurting today pretty badly but i suppose that i should just suck it up and get on with my day as im getting off at two tomorrow to go to the doctor and then have thursday and friday off. hurrah. will be able to clean my house. however on sat and sunday will be in jasper for a wedding. im just so excited about being in the town that is famous for a hate crime so horrendous, even kkk members were offended. if i wasnt such good friends with the groom and if i hadnt promised him even before they were engaged that i would be at his wedding, i would so stay home and sleep. and when i asked karris to go with me, she laughed in my face. not that i blame her. im white and i dont want to go. but still... so much for that whole best friends through thick and thin scenario. well i shall away and leave you with this lovely survey that i guarantee will take me at least an hour to complete. must also figure out where one can go to buy opera length black gloves on your lunch hour. the answers to these questions and much more next time on the mcneil/lerner/becca hour.

top 10 songs people should give a listen -
01 the perfect one - lit
02 nessun dorma - pavarotti
03 nutcracker suite - tchaikovsky (well, tis the season)
04 why i was born - gene
05 lost in tv - suede
06 room with a view - mojave 3
07 rhapsody in blue - gershwin
08 pirates of penzance - gilbert and sullivan (cant narrow it down to just one song)
09 devotion - weezer *tie* kate - ben folds five
10 kree amore - paul mccartney

top 5 things that turn you on -
01 when you get a roll of film developed and dont know whats on it. its like a wonderful surprise.
02 getting packages in the mail
03 people showing up with a single daisy just cause 'i was thinking of you'
04 my house being clean and staying that way
05 having extra money at the end of the month

top five movies you watch all of the time -
01 american in paris
02 moulin rouge
03 life less ordinary
04 bridget jones diary
05 the importance of being earnest

The First Five Songs on your Mp3 List right now –
01 sarah brightman & andrea bocelli - time to say goodbye
02 tori amos - 1000 oceans
03 weezer - devotion
04 neil diamond - love on the rocks (shut it!)
05 mojave 3 - some kinda angel

Top five things people should know about you -
01 have a vicious temper
02 im usually joking when i say mean things
03 ill be the best friend youve ever had
04 im very shy despite my loudness
05 even though i act tough, im really pretty fragile

Top five things you say the most -
01 son of a monkey
02 whatever
03 good morning(afternoon)o'hare and associates (i answer the phones for the office)
04 heya baby
05 would you stop it?!?

Top five things you do not understand about your own sex -
01 why let men objectify them and disvalue them
02 girls that think they have to get married and thats the only option available to them
03 why they talk about other women worse than they talk about men
04 why they think pouting and crying is better than talking calmly about a problem and trying to work out a solution. (what are we six years old?)
05 why women dont want to watch sports or go to hardware stores or mess up their hair or be seen without makeup

a - aardvark
b - baby
c - candida
d - disgusting
e - enough
f - face the music
g - girlfriend
h - henry VIII
i – ichabod crane
j - josephine
k - kellogg's corn flakes
l – lovely linda
m - manitoba county
n – nylon
o - obi-wan
p - pillage
q – quando
r – rascal
s - sister
t - tea
u – you oughtta know
v - very very
w – wait for it
x - xylophone
y – why cant you behave
z – zoe

(why most of those were song titles, i dont know)

1.) Are you male or female?: female
2.) Describe your neighborhood: very multicultural, quiet, small houses with families, old established neighborhood, big trees, friendly, lots of kids running around playing in their front yards
3.) How do you look?: like im 15. i have long dark red hair and great sparkling eyes that vary from green to gold to brown depending on my current hair color and my clothes. i have a good smile, great laugh, full bottom lip, okay top one, adequate cheekbones, and a straight nose. i have one and a half dimples, eyebrows with a little too much arch, long legs on a short body, small wrists, long fingers, a body thats been described as "juicy" which i believe could stand to lose four or five pounds but no one else agrees with me, and skinny calves.
4.) If you could say something to the person you like, what would it be?: um, i like you?
5.) Where do you wish you were right now?: somewhere else, somewhere warm, somewhere with people i love, somewhere with scary movies and too much candy, and a cute little pug to be constantly underfoot.
6.) What would you say to your best friend?: hi i miss you we dont see each other enough i love you (not in that way you big sicko) and hope you are feeling better (do you need more drugs?) do you want to go to jasper with me? ill let you wear my shoes. any pair you want. and ill pay you a quarter. a shiny one. please?
7.) Any words of wisdom: everything is going to be okay even if i have to fix it myself. you will get through this and i will help you.
8.) What do you wish you were doing right now?: sleeping, reading, eating hummus and drinking too much with danielle who is forcing me to watch scary movies and then laughing when i scream.
9.) What do you think of drugs and alcohol?: thank you sir may i have another (as long as its in moderation) except illegal drugs those are bad and wrong.
10.) If you could say one thing to your enemy, what would it be?: what is wrong with you? why do you treat people this way? why do you think youre great cause youre not.
11.) What do you usually do on Friday nights?: um used to go out with karris and assorted friends but now usually stay home and people come over and eat my food, mess up my house, drink my booze, watch tv and then go home abruptly leaving me to clean up.
12.) Are you for world peace?: yes of course
13.) What do you think about school?: i love it i miss it im going back soon
14.) How do you feel right now?: im in a lot of pain but im pretty upbeat about it.
15.) Any closing words?: appreciate all the beauty in life, you never know when it could all be taken away from you.

in that vein, you should always live life to the fullest cause you never know when you could get hit by a turnip truck on its way to tuscaloosa. my brother came over unexpectedly last night and brought me a daisy. he does that sometimes when hes bought his girlfriend flowers or my mom flowers and sees the daisies and thinks of me. when i asked him which one of them he bought flowers for he said just you cause i know youve been sick and i just love you and was thinking about everything you do for us (him and his girlfriend) and i hope you get better soon. i just about cried. and that was the absolute highlight of my week. i know its only tuesday but not even a four and a half day weekend is topping this. thats by favorite thing in the world. knowing im loved and appreciated for no apparent reason. its enough to make me happy for days at a time in the manner of doris day or some other cheerful person perpetually bursting into song. well must away to work piles. catch you on the flip side,

doris day
Current Mood: lovedloved
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: i see yousoftest_fire on November 26th, 2002 11:05 am (UTC)
its ever so lonely without you here
i wish you were here now then we could watch tv and eat all the candy and peanut butter and goldfish we desired.. and a little fat pug could greet you :]

soon enough eh?
do you think you are gonna come solo or with someone when you come out in april?

i was thinking of visiting you in february if thats ok..

i love you dear, i hope you are ok,
i miss you, i miss your vicodan..heh heh
karen walker

and tell your sister to write me back when i post on her lj!
queenie b: photograph smilebluebirdgirl on November 26th, 2002 11:27 am (UTC)
Re: its ever so lonely without you here
id prolly say by myself but ill need to verify that before i can tell you for sure.
febuary would be lovely. soon enough that i can make plans, far enough away that i can get my house clean and unpacked and get another bed so you dont have to sleep on the floor.

as for my sis, ill see what i can do but i can make no promises to you.

love you doll,
eternally yours,
your tamale
ex_savoytruf156 on November 27th, 2002 08:16 am (UTC)
Silly Rubbish...
What do you mean by so much for that whole best friends through thick and thin scenario? Huh? I'm draging myself down there so you wouldn't be alone and my parents are paying for the hotel room. PBLTH! Silly Sweet~Tart! You've always got me. ;D Have a nice day!
queenie bbluebirdgirl on November 27th, 2002 08:19 am (UTC)
Re: Silly Rubbish...
um i was speaking of karris. i have more than one best friend you know....
ex_savoytruf156 on November 27th, 2002 09:10 am (UTC)
Re: Silly Rubbish...
I know...Pure sarcasim Watson. Duh....:D j/k love you. please don't hurt me...