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25 November 2002 @ 10:26 am
i was almost thirty minutes late to work this morning my hip hurt so bad. i actually called the dr. to get an appt. it was so painful *sigh* i hate doctors. anyway on to bigger and brighter things. the assembly was sooo wonderful. i learned a lot and made some wonderful goals. dont be so shy about informal witnessing and try to upbuild others. to accomplish this, i decide to start off slow and say one thing nice about everyone i talk to. if its someone i dont like, i must think about one thing i like about them every time i see them. its really hard cause im a really mean person and dont like many people. this trying to better yourself is really hard. *stupid new personality*

however the best thing that happened all weekend was that my beautiful wonderful sister (paradisehope) and by beautiful wonderful friend (savoytruffle) both got baptized. hurrah hurrah!! ive never seen my parents so happy before. well at least my dad. and its been years with my mom. so that was great. and on sunday we got sushi! hurrah! i got salmon sashimi and two orders of cucumber roll. it was soo wonderful. then we got ICE CREAM! love the lovely ice cream!! it was yummy good. i guess thats enough about the food.

dont have a whole lot to add. not much else to say. have a lot of work to do. but ive taken some pain pills and im moving slow so....good luck getting me to do any work...k im outtie. ill be back innie later on when i can think more coherently. love you.

big wet sloppy kisses,
the official firewheel chaperone
Current Mood: hurting
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: way downsoftest_fire on November 25th, 2002 11:18 am (UTC)
oh my dear friend, i wish you werent hurting...
im glad you had a good weekend hunny :] and sushi, double yay! i was thinking about when we went to pita jungle with mr pale and how great it was.. i cant wait for you to come back! i miss you, up late watching will and grace.. i feel so blessed to have you as such a dear friend, its horrible that you have bad fibro, but at least you know i know how you feel and vice versa, its a sort of simpatico i dont have with anyone else my age...

i love you babe.. i was looking at the photos i took of you, aww youre such a beautiful person inside and out..

miss and love you much
danielle :]